Ellen Degeneres, Portia De Rossi, Beverly Hills Home

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images; Realtor.com

Who knew Ellen DeGeneres was such a real estate mogul?

She may not be Donald Trump, but she has a very healthy appetite for flipping houses.

She and wife Portia De Rossi have lived in—ready for this?—seven different homes. That would be one for every year they've been together.

Their current abode, a 2.87-acre estate in Beverly Hills, is on the market for—gulp, gulp!—$49 million!

What does that kind of money get you?

The compound includes a 9,200-square-foot main house, three guest houses, a couple of swimming pools, koi ponds and an assortment of Carob, pear and oak trees, according to Realtor.com. In 2008, DeGeneres and De Rossi got married in the backyard.

The talk-show queen bought the place from her friend, Will & Grace cocreator Max Mutchnick, a few years ago for $29 million. The value skyrocketed after she purchased neighboring properties to ensure privacy for her and the missus.

Don't have that much cash on hand? Well, the couple is also selling their ranch outside Los Angeles.

For $16.5 million, you get a 26-acre chunk of land that includes eight residential cottages, equestrian facilities (aka, very fancy horse stables), a tree house, a windmill, a yoga pavilion and a couple of barns, according to RealEstalker.com.

And who needs to put a listing in the real estate section of the Los Angeles Times when you have Architectural Digest? The Bev Hills estate is on the cover of the about-to-go-on-sale November issue of the shelter magazine.

"We never had a house when I was growing up," DeGeneres tells writer Peter Haldeman. "We always rented. But my father would dream, and we used to look at houses all the time. I'd pick out which bedroom would be mine and get all excited."

Now she gets to pick out homes—and buy them!

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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