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Oh, Glee. You really are making us fall in love with you all over again. And with tonight's episode, we're finding new characters to fall hard for. Yes, Mike Chang, we're talking about you. And not just because of the tank-top thing. Though that is nice.

Tonight, Glee shined the spotlight on Mike (Harry Shum Jr.), Mercedes (Amber Riley) and Emma (Jayma Mays), as well as turned the notch up on some other character's storylines. Basically, "Asian F" delivered, and we were more than happy to sign for the package. Was that a sexual innuendo we just made? Maybe. Anyway, let's dive into this week's Glee-Dux.

Oh, and we might just talk about that little episode coming up called "The First Time"…


Mike Chang Can Carry an Episode: After all, did you see those biceps? Those were the arms of someone training to carry some emotional storylines. Turns out, Mike is really feeling the pressure from his parents, and after a Kevin Bacon-esque angry dance sequence, he decides to try out for Riff in the school musical. Not only did we get a really sweet moment between Tina and Mike (we're officially off the Tina-Artie train), but we got to hear him sing! No, he can't belt like Mercedes (more on that in a bit), but Mike sang "Cool" with hot enough vocals and dance moves to win the part. And even though his mom says she has his back when it comes to his love of dancing, it sure sounds like the drama with his dad is far from over.

Will and Emma Are the Real Deal: We're not saying we ever doubted the love that Will (Matthew Morrison) and Emma share, but they've had their breakups and shakeups before. But to hear him talk about kids and marriage, as well as push to meet her parents, proves that the Schue is all about Emma for good now. We even got to learn more about Emma's past and why she's got obsessive-compulsive disorder: Her parents are crazy and being overly clean was a habit her mom taught her that developed into a coping mechanism. At dinner, the parents threw hurtful remarks and passive-aggressive jabs at their daughter, so the Pilsburys soon found themselves on the business end (Friends reference? Sure.) of an angry Will Schuester speech. Even though it's very clear that her honey is fiercely sticking by her side, Emma still found the need to pray at night. Will joined her, singing "Fix You" as his way of saying that he's not going anywhere. We cried, hugged our cat closer, and promised to never doubt Wemma again.

Mercedes Has Had Quite Enough: She's sick of people being afraid to hurt Rachel's feelings. She's sick of never being seen as better than Rachel. She's sick of being Effie when she should be Beyoncé. While we hurt for Mercedes struggle to find her spotlight, her walking out of New Directions led to one of our favorite Glee numbers to date: The whole gang singing "It's All Over" from Dreamgirls. How perfect was that performance? If that performance was a T-shirt, we'd wear it everyday until it started to smell funny. Anyway, after finding out that the directors of the musical double-cast the role of Maria to give it to both her and Rachel, Mercedes had finally had enough. And now she's joining Shelby's glee club. Can't we all just get along?

Another development coming out of someone afraid of not shining bright enough: Rachel is also running for class president, which put Finn in a sticky situation by having to decide to vote for his brother, Kurt, or his girlfriend. Blaine won the role of Tony, but Kurt made his peace with that and showed his boyfriendly support by bringing him flowers. And it was adorable. The episode ends with the cast list being posted (Santana as Anita? Hell yes!), and Mercedes promising to bring Shelby some star power.

Rewind Moment: Finn's face when Coach Beiste talks about cleaning their "bramble patches" in the locker room.


"Morning, sunshine. Want me to iron some bacon for you?"—Emma
"I kicked a fire hydrant when I found out Ace of Cakes was cancelled."—Beiste
"Enjoy your enormous bowl of disgusting creamy pasta."—Shelby
"It's always been the Rachel Berry Show around here, but it's not gonna be for me."—Mercedes
"Ten years from now, you'll be thinking of the friends you had and the ones you just tossed aside."—Kurt


Harry Shum Jr., New Glee Star? Anyway you slice it, Harry rocked tonight's episode. But does that mean he'll always be front and center on Glee? Possibly, but he's content with just another solo. "From what I've been hearing [chances] are good, but I hope so," he tells us. "I've always took everything day by day, and even from being on the first season to the second season and the third season, I've said 'This is what I can do, let me know what you want me to be doing.' Luckily, it's been going alright." More tank tops. That's all we ask.

First Timers: From what we hear, Kurt and Blaine in episode five might have some problems that need to be blamed on the alcohol. That's right, things are going way past innocent for those two. Bars and jealousy and heated arguments in and outside of's madness! It's like we always say, when it comes to engaging in relations while tipsy, save it for college, kids! On, and we'll be seeing the Warblers again real soon.

The Leprechaun Is Upon Us: Damian McGinty's episode is next; prepare to be blown away. Seriously, we think even the most jaded Glee fan will be shocked by his performance. And Brittana fans will be thanking their Lucky Charms that he came around, because his arrival leads to what you guys have been waiting for.

Did "Asian F" live up to the hype? What burning Glee questions will be keeping you up at tonight? Head to the comments and sound off!

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