American Horror Story, Jane Lynch, Glee


You know about the creepy new series American Horror Story? And how it comes from the same unpredictable creator as the cameo-happy Glee, right?

Which got us wondering: Will Jane Lynch's Sue Sylvester be making the spooky Story even spookier?

Well, Ryan Murphy, who's been instrumental on both shows, tells us: Sue "doesn't even touch the evil coming up on American Horror Story."


We've seen Glee and the sinister Sylvester in action, so what's the real reason Jane Lynch won't be involved?

"We have a thing about not interpopulating the shows," Murphy insisted last night at Horror Story's premiere at the ArcLight theater in Hollywood. 

Seems a bit daring! After all, the stars of Glee have a mega-fan following and you know viewers would tune in to see any of our fave Gleeks with a horror-story makeover (who wouldn't love a zombie Lea Michele?).

After all, Glee loves bringing big-name celebs for a guest spot (hello, Gwyneth Paltrow) so we're hoping the cocreators may use similar tactics to suck us into this series.

—Additional reporting by Alyssa Toomey

So which Gleek would you want to see on Story? Sound off in the comments!

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