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Th-th-th-that's all folks!

Teen Mom's third season officially concluded with tonight's very last reunion special.

The spotlight was on Maci (and her platinum-blond hair), but she wasn't the only Teen Mom star spilling some surprising secrets. (Guess MTV wasn't filming all the time. Oops.)

So how did their final "checkup with Dr. Drew" go? And who is Farrah's new boyfriend?

Last week's episode ended with Amber mourning her sister's crib death and abruptly walking offstage. This week, Dr. Drew Pinsky welcomed her back…with a PSA for SIDS and parent-teen honesty. "Discussing this topic helps the people out there understand you better too," said the good doc—not realizing this would air much too late to help Amber.

Teen Mom's OTP, Catelynn and Tyler, then took the stage to drop another Butch bombshell: Tyler's dad wasn't sent back to prison because he failed a drug test—he'd actually violated his no-contact order by meeting up with his wife, April.

When Catelynn's mom joined the kids onstage, D.Pins asked her, "What the hell?" He's keeping it real, yo.

The ensuing lovefest between April, her daughter and stepson concluded with the show's first pass-the-Kleenex moment: Tyler crediting his own mom for his stability: "She's an amazing woman…always reassuring me that she loves me. I get emotional because I love her so much." Awww! Seriously, who wouldn't want Tyler for a son/boyfriend/stepbrother…or even father?

Finally, Maci joined the party, defending her desire to have another baby at 19. "Emotionally and mentally, I'm in mommy mode," she told Dr. Drew, making gun-shy boyfriend Kyle even more uncomfortable when she added, "I wouldn't get pregnant without getting married first."

Maci then shared another show surprise: Her own parents were married with a son (Maci's brother) when they were 17—giving Dr. Drew another opportunity to address his favorite subject: "breaking the cycle."

Maci and baby daddy Ryan both seem resolved to make their relationship amicable for son Bentley's sake. But why is it that every time Maci talks "co-parenting" with Ryan we hear "co-itus"? 

Unlike Maci's motocross race to get married, affianced stepsiblings Catelynn and Tyler are taking it slow. They've set a wedding date of "July 15…of some year," says Catelynn, "not till we're out of college."

After all the tears were shed, Teen Mom 3 concluded with an epic awww moment: Maci's son, Bentley, clambering over to the sofa to sit beside his big crush: Farrah!

Guess Farrah does have a friend after all.

So which Teen Mom—or Dad—has matured the most? Vote in our poll, and sound off about the season in the comments!

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