Derek Hough, Lauren Conrad

Steve Granitz/; Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Derek Hough is a sly one.

After Monday night's Dancing With the Stars, he hit the aftershow carpet for the usual interviews with partner Ricki Lake. And since he's recently been attached to the adorable Lauren Conrad, we decided to innocently ask him about a possible romance. His reaction?

A little sidestep spin move around the question! Seriously, we've seen countless celebrities dodge dating questions, but even we have to admit this one was pretty good. In fact, he even went so far as to mention how he was photographed with another lady to throw us off.  Unfortunately for him, the giddy smile Ricki gives her partner after we mentioned L.C.'s name was more than enough proof that something is probably going down between Hough and the former Hills star.

And hey, if Conrad ever makes it to a taping of the show to support her rumored new beau, maybe she and old nemesis Kristin Cavallari can talk things out and finally bury the hatchet.

Yeah, right.

Watch the interview below and see how Hough dances himself out of answering our questions. Props to you, sir. We'll get you next time.

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