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Yes, we've heard the rumors that someone, or more than just one someone, will be losing their virginity on Glee. But what's even more apparent is that our Glee fans have heard it and are foaming at the mouths for answers. Seriously, our Twitters are all lit up with those questions. How are we suppose to see our mom's tweeting us videos of kittens sneezing if you guys clog up our Twitter feeds?

Aw, we kid. You know we're suckers for mouth-foaming TV watchers, so we're more than happy to give you all a bit more info regarding McKinley High kids. Plus, is it possible that someone is making supernatural babies on The Vampire Diaries? All that and scoop on New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Gossip Girl, Community and more in this week's Spoiler Chat…

Hannah: Kristin! Is there any truth to the spoiler that Kurt and Rachel will lose their virginities to Blaine and Finn respectively? You could save fans a lot of chaos over the hiatus!
There might be truth to those rumors. We've definitely heard about one pair doing the deed. But all we can reveal right now is that a scene involving said couple in that episode is…intense, to say the least. That's all you're getting out of us! Move along now.

Amanda in Burbank, Calif.: Anything on Glee will do. Thanks!
A Glee question not related to people losing their virginity? What wondrous world is this? After tomorrow's episode, New Directions might be down one member and/or up one member.

@nomesterz: I want to know about Rachel and Finn :)
Oh my goodness, who doesn't?! Finn (Cory Monteith) gives Rachel (Lea Michele) the cutest pep-talk before her diva-off with Mercedes (Amber Riley), but when Rachel asks Finn to choose between his brother and his girlfriend, Finn is not sure who he'd put first.

Nicole in Philadelphia, Pa.: Any Will and Emma scoop for Glee?
Wemma fans, get ready! Tomorrow night's episode is packed to the brim with Wemma-licious moments, both silly and serious. We learn that Will (Matthew Morrison) is prepared to deal with a bridezilla, meet some "ginger supremacist" parents, and find out what led to Emma's (Jayma Mays) OCD, all in the name of love. Awww! Top it off with a tear-jerking Coldplay song and you've got the most wonderfully Wemma-fied episode ever.

Julian in Seattle, Washington: I've just read a spoiler for Community in which Dan Harmon said that there will be a "Britta emergence," and that she'll "become a force to be contended with in Jeff's life." Please assure me that it doesn't mean that the show is moving its focus back to Jeff/Britta. I seriously thought that they were done (and I was hoping for some Britta/Troy this season).
Sorry, Charlie. Or Julian. It looks like Harmon is dropping truth bombs, because Yvette Nicole Brown is also onboard the Jeff-Britta train. "I think Jeff and Britta will ultimately end up together. I think that they're the ones that are better matches than Jeff and Annie," she tells us. "I do think it's going to be a lot of starts and stops, and I think that there will be some romantic entanglements with other people. But I think ultimately if the show runs seven seasons, by the seventh season they will have gotten their stuff together and I think they'll end up together."

Jacqui: Please tell me we'll get to see a little bit of the old Sam and Dean this season on Supernatural, maybe pulling pranks on each other again?
Funny you should mention that, because we just asked producer Sera Gamble that very question. "In terms of the pranks they used to do to each other in season one, it's funny. Sometimes we'll go back and watch those and be like, ‘We should have a scene where someone falls asleep and the other shoves a spoon in his mouth. We haven't done that in a long time.'" While we probably won't be seeing that considering all the obstacles the boys are facing, Sera says, "One of their primary joys in life is calling each other out on stupid stuff." We'll take it!

Darren in Hollywood, Calif.: My favorite character on Community is Senor Chang. What's he doing this season?
Don't you mean Officer Chang? He's a security guard now, and Ken Jeong tells us that he's having a "blast" with the new role. "Season one he was in a position of authority and in season two he was a pathetic student, and now he's in a position of pathetic authority," Jeong says. "So it's kind of like splitting the difference, and so far so good. It's been a lot of fun and I think this might be my favorite Chang reincarnation right now!"

Ed Westwick, Leighton Meester, Gossip Girl

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@SunnySabry: Anything about Chuck and Blair and @BabyBass_, please! I'm starving!:)
First of all, I'm so happy to see that Blair's baby is on Twitter! So tech-savvy for a fetus. I gotta get my 6 month old on that. Slacker. Now, some good news for you Blucksters: Blair totally makes out with a guy in next week's episode and it is NOT the prince. The bad news? It's not Chuck either. (Wah wah!) Also, it's not what it seems, but it is not a dream. Riddle me THAT, Riddler! Post your guesses in the comments.

Frances: Anything more on who is gay on Gossip Girl?
You mean who is gay in Dan's book? I can tell you it's not Serena. And it's not Chuck. And on an unrelated side note, when Dan's book comes out his father Rufus also will not be pleased and it'll cause lots of friction. Dan's kinda screwed.

Jessica in N.J.: I don't want Robin with her therapist…she belongs with Barney! Tell me you agree and that they'll end up together!
We definitely agree on Barney and Robin being meant to drink scotch and go laser-tagging together forever on How I Met Your Mother, but when we were on set recently, Cobie Smulders told us that she and Kal Penn's character might be dating longer than Barney-Robin fans would like. "I feel like we're going to be together for a while," she says. "We kind of did a funny thing when we shot our first episode where he was introduced and we kind of fast-forwarded to being a couple. I don't even think we've kissed yet, but we're a couple now, so next week we'll probably be making out. But we don't know how they hook up [yet]."

Amy Poehler

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Jessica in Burbank, Calif: I can't wait to vote Knope in 2012!!
Neither can we!! But in Thursday's hilarious episode of Parks and Recreation there's something big that could mess up Leslie's (Amy Poehler) quest for City Council glory. After writing the first historical guide to Pawnee, Leslie discovers a major factorial error that affects the way her fellow Pawneeans feel about her running in the election.

Clarissa in Bend, Ore: Ann Perkins is my favorite character of all time. Any chance of her getting back together with Chris?
Well, as far as we know they are literally still not together, but Ann (Rashida Jones) does try to build a relationship with some other Parks Department employees. Ann is determined to have one minute of "casual and amicable" small talk with Ron (Nick Offerman) and April (Aubrey Plaza). Her previous records are four seconds with April and nine seconds with Ron. Go for the gold, Ann!

@mannionh: Tyler and Caroline on The Vampire Diaries please??
We know a vampire and werewolf hooking up is what created Klaus (Joseph Morgan), eventual hybrid extraordinaire. We also know vamp Caroline (Candice Accola) and wolf Tyler (Michael Trevino) recently hooked up, so where does that leave our favorite TVD couple? "We've said two things on our show, very clearly. Vampires can't procreate and yet, vampires' bodies work like anybody else's," Julie says. "Door's open to take either rule."

@xMelissaR04: VAMPIRE DIARIES PLEASEEE! After last weeks episode im DYING!!
You and us both, sister. Guess what? It gets even better as a fan favorite (and our personal favorite) is set to return. "Right now, we're about to start shooting an episode that takes us back to the origins story of the Original family," Julie Plec says. "We will see Elijah (Daniel Gillies) again." Wheeeee! While we probably won't meet all the Originals, the show is reportedly looking to introduce the Original mommy. Double wheeeee!

Michelle: I already want Nick and Jess together on New Girl! Any hope for those two?
We're thinking this Nick and Jess not-really-a-thing is going to be a slow burn. In tomorrow night's episode, Nick (Jake Johnson) asks Jess to be his date to a wedding in an attempt to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. While the episode is mostly about Nick moving on, there are two super-duper cute moments for Nick and Jess. One involves a chicken dance.

Beth: I really miss Coach on New Girl. Any change he'll stop by again?
We're told the door is always open for Damon Wayans Jr. to return to Zooey & Co., but the show has filmed eight episodes so far and he has yet to appear. He's pretty busy being awesome (and twirling) on his equally as awesome comedy Happy Endings. Speaking of...



Marc in San Fransciso: Why is Happy Endings so good? Why?
We ask ourselves that every Wednesday. Fortunately, Happy Endings is only going to get better. This week's episode is all about those high school mean girls, but Penny (Casey Wilson) and Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) don't beat them. They join them. Plus, Jane (Eliza Coup) kind of kidnaps a child. Oh that gang and their shenanigans!

Bethie: Happy Endings scoop!
We were onset recently for a very special episode of HE…and it involves a funeral.

Brooke in Jacob City, Fla.: I want Raj to find love this season on Big Bang Theory! Is that too much to ask?
Not at all!  Kunal Nayyar revealed to us recently that Raj has a big date coming up, and it's with someone he's not afraid to talk to! "Raj ends up going out on a date with a hearing-impaired girl, which is fun," he says. "She's deaf so he can talk to her." Downside? Howard (Simon Helberg) has to go on the date to interpret since he knows sign language. That's a third wheel you just don't want while trying to woo someone.

Courtney in Atlanta, Ga.: I'm digging Terra Nova. Mostly for the dinosaurs. Is that weird?
Nope, we love dinosaurs, too. And Jason O'Mara eased our fears by telling us one thing that will not be coming up on Terra Nova. "I've already said to the show's producers, as soon as we start riding dinosaurs we've jumped the shark. I ain't getting on a dinosaur with reins and going ‘giddy up boy' so that's not going to happen," he tells us. Which is a shame, because O'Mara in a cowboy hat is a nice image. "[The dinosaurs] are still very wild and very dangerous. We give them a lot of respect. We try not to hurt them in any major way, we try to control them using these high-tech futuristic sonic blasters that we have and tranquillizer guns. So it's almost like we're game wardens in a park, just trying to corral them the best we can."

Gonzosgirrl: I need some Secret Circle scoop.
Quick and to the point, we like that in a reader. We chatted with one of our TSC favorites Gale Harold about the possibility of Charles being a magic (and power) junkie. "I think they all have to have that problem," he says. "There's the term 'power,' but that term has a twin, which is the 'problem.' [It's] the hard thing to manage. If you can't manage it, it's going to manage you." Yeah, we think Charles' little addiction is definitely managing him right now.

Wilson Bethel, Hart of Dixie

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Monica: I was surprised how much I liked Hart of Dixie. What's up with the love triangle? Oh, and love Wilson Bethel too!
We are officially smitten. You saw our story earlier today about Josh Schwartz firing him, right? Priceless. Wilson says this of what's ahead for Wade, Zoe and George's love triangle: "I can tell you that it is scorching, that it is absolutely scintillating, that it will prickle you perhaps in places that you have never been prickled before." And then he laughs. OK, but seriously, he says: "One thing that I really appreciate about it is that it's a real kind of a slow builder. They're not trying to really force it on anybody too soon or too fast. I've now read up through the eighth episode and it's a neck-and-neck race, let's just say that. What's nice about it is that because Scott's and my character are so different, we're both appealing to very different sides to Rachel's character. Which is, I think, what both kind of gives it a shred of believability and truth. That what she's torn between are not necessarily even specifically these two men, but these two different impulses that she has within herself. One to be like this grown-up good girl getting her life together with Scott. And then the other which is like this element of recklessness and abandon and maybe foolish love and incredible sex [shrugs] that she would have with Wade."

troyenne: Will Dexter's kids be back this season?
It certainly seems that way, what with the nanny (Aimee Garcia) being front and center in Dexter's (Michael C. Hall) goings-on this season. And Garcia told us something very interesting about her, um, position in Dexter's life. "I did my first love scene. It was intense," she reveals. Unfortunately, when we asked her if her scene was with Hall, she zipped her lips and said, "I can't tell you!" Fine, guess we'll find out the old-fashioned way.

Jason in Canton, Ohio: Chuck final season scoop?
Just prepare to stick around the Buy More a lot this season. "We are going back to basics, so we're going to be at the Buy More a lot this season," Mark Christopher Lawrence tells us.  Chuck owns it so now, so we're there instead of all over the world fighting crime and spies and all that. We're going to bring it right home." Appropriate for the last season of Chuck, wouldn't you agree?

Emily VanCamp, Revenge


Lorrianne in Boston, Mass.: My new favorite show is Revenge. Can you tell me anything new about the most badass girl around?
Crafting a super-solid secret identity takes planning, and/or theft. Showrunner Mike Kelley tells us: "We've got a really great story coming up where you learn how she got her name, Emily Thorne. We'll find out exactly who she traded identities with and that person comes back to wreak some havoc on her plan." It's so hard to take over a good identity these days.

 Kellie: I'm obsessed with Daniel Grayson on Revenge. What's coming up for him!?
Oh, nothing. Except for a giant huge enormous thing! "There is something substantial that happens that changes. It's a massive shift for him," Joshua Bowman tells us. "That'll be really interesting to see. He doesn't want the life that's been mapped out for him. He wants to find something different, find his own beat." Plus, anniversary dinner plus unexpected guests equals passive-aggressive drama and awkward confrontations. All our favorite things when it comes to dinner parties.

@inkjek: any news on ezria, plz?
Let's just say Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra's (Ian Harding) meet cute in the bar in the Pretty Little Liars pilot wasn't actually the couple's first interaction. You'll see Ezria's first meeting (of sorts) in the show's Halloween special on Oct. 19. We just watched it and here's our one word review: epic.

Lester in Manhattan: Too soon to ask for Nurse Jackie scoop?
Nope! They're filming right now, so your timing is perfect. Peter Facinelli tells us that Dr. Cooper is all about growing up this season. Kind of. "He's grown a little mustache," he says. "I don't know if he's going to have it for the whole season or not, but he's coming back trying to bring back the Tom Selleck look." We can't wait for the jokes that mustache will bring from Jackie & Co. But it sounds like Coop won't be as sensitive this season. "I think what happens with Coop is he's tried to do everything by the numbers, but this season he's a little bit more rebellious. He's little more casual in his appearance. He's trying something different," Facinelli says.

Laura in Knoxville, Tenn.: I thought Person of Interest was great. Any info?
You know what Michael Emerson never gets? A love interest. Thankfully, things could be different with Finch. "I never get to play a guy who has a happy love life. Maybe in this one I will," he tells us. "Obviously Finch lives in a dark dangerous and unhappy presence but in his past—and maybe this will be part of the backstory and mythology of the show—maybe in the past he was a happier person and had people and lost them and it has driven him completely or in part to become this single-minded avenger." Poor Finch. What's a TV character gotta do to get some loving?!

—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker, Christina Dowling, Leanne Aguilera, Brett Malec & Brittney Marin

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