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Amanda Knox is free to go, and Hollywood, like the rest of the world, is stunned.

Both the American college student's supporters and her detractors seemed shocked after an Italian appeals court overturned Knox's murder conviction in the 2007 stabbing death of her British roommate, Meredith Kercher, in Perugia, Italy.

So much so that one celeb got piled on for just tweeting his surprise that Knox, who spent the last four years in prison and was the subject of much debate over whether she was a killer or the victim of a miscarriage of justice, actually won her appeal.

"For all who are making opinions. I just said I was shocked," Brody Jenner clarified after being on the receiving end of some of feisty tweets. "I did not say I agree or disagree with the verdict. Wanted to get your thoughts."

Others were more upfront with their support.

"Congratulations to amanda knox and the knox family for the overturning of her guilty verdict in italy. What a relief it must be for them!!" tweeted Nick Lachey. Lachey, perhaps aware that there are multiple controversial sides to this story, retweeted, "RT @F1ona: Never forget Meredith Kercher @NickSLachey couldn't agree more. There are no winners in this."

And the mixed feelings continued, though some celebs sounded just plain psyched:

Olivia Munn "Amanda Knox was just freed!!!"

Jimmie Johnson: "Knox is free, what a crazy 4 years for her and her family. I can't help but think of the victims family and what they've been through..." The NASCAR champ, who was apparently following along on TV, also noted, "This translator sucks on CNN!"

Slash: "Congratulations to Amanda Knox & her family for their victory today. Iii|; )'"

Jared Leto "Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito freed"

Jill Zarin  #amandaknox "Evidence NOT reliable...My heart goes out to the family of Meredith Kercher"

Kyle Richards: " So happy Amanda Knox is free. My heart goes out to her , her family and Meredith Kercher's family"

Matchbox Twenty: "Congratulations Amanda Knox!!"

Debbie Mazar: "Happy for she will never go back to Italy:)Congrats to her family.Welcome home Amanda!"

Piers Morgan "What do I think? Honestly, I can't decide if #AmandaKnox is guilty of murdering #MeredithKercher or not. My sympathies to both families...Judging by Twitter, most Americans think #AmandaKnox is innocent, most Brits think she's guilty."

Then there were the funny guys:

David Spade: This amanda knox thing is unsettling. Let's get her out of jail and into maxim as soon as possible. #letsgoitaly

Kevin Nealon: "Would it be an understatement to say Amanda Knox and her boyfriend have had a bumpy relationship?"

Seth MacFarlane "The Amanda Knox verdict is taking some time, 'cause they have to make sure it has just-a the right-a amount'a sauce-a."

Marlon Wayans: "Amanda knox freed, I guess the casey anthony get out of jail free card is still VALID. b4 it expires

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