Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux

Dear Ted:
What the hell is up with these people trashing Justin Theroux in the tabloids? Are they trying to break up his relationship with Jennifer Aniston? Why can't people just mind their own business and leave them alone?!

Dear Boyfriend Bashing:
'Cause a single Jen sells more tabloids, duh. When Ms. Aniston is sans a man, she's either crying herself to sleep, knitting a sweater with her 80 cats or she's making Angelina Jolie voodoo dolls pining after her ex-hubby. When Jen is happily in a relaysh (as she is now), there less crapola to fabricate.

Dear Ted:
How long do you think Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will last? They used to be everywhere and we rarely hear anything about them now. You think there's a trouble in paradise or media just lost interest in their relationship?

Dear Newsflash:
Justin and Selena are a pretty staple duo on the scene. And by staple I mean Staples Center, ya know, the place Biebs rented out for a private Titanic screening. The fact that they've been laying (a little bit) lower these days might actually be a good thing for the press happy twosome.

Dear Ted:
Every time I read a story about Marc Anthony and his split with J.Lo, I get this feeling. I don't know what it is, something about the comments he makes and the way he looks just gives me the feeling that there is more to Mr. Anthony than we know. Am I way off base here or on to something?

Dear On to Something:
He most definitely is not telling all...But neither is Jennifer, for the record. And like all good Hollywood divorces, I'm sure the truth will come out sooner or later. In Marc's case, I'm sure he's hoping it's later.

Dear Ted:
Ever since rumors said Will and Jada would split, I've been super curious about this power duo and even went so far as to search around the Internet a bit for clues on their Vicey behavior. And I know you've previously admitted that Will has a Blind Vice. So my question is, would the world be truly shocked if they found out about the Smith family's Vice?

Dear The Couple that Vices Together:
Definitely, babe. The Smiths are the type of Vice stars that are tres versed in keeping their naughty little habits under wraps—because they have to be. Otherwise, Will wouldn't be looking a big huge paycheck for Men In Black 14.

Dear Ted:
Love Valley of the Dolls. Still warming up to your Lindsay Lohan as Jennifer North concept. What do you think of Olivia Palermo as Anne? Can she act? Would she be a possibility? She definitely has the icy demeanor to pull it off.

Dear Life Sized:
Olivia is a divine choice for Anne—in theory. But O is a reality TV babe, not an actress. And I don't think her chops (or lack thereof) would cut it in this soapy drama-fest. Kudos on keeping an open mind about LiLo tho', doll. I know it's insane.

Dear Ted:
Rank the following fans from most crazy to least crazy: Beliebers, Twihards, Michael Jackson fans, Gleeks, Potterheads.

Dear If I Must:
Twihards, Beliebers, Gleeks, MJ freaks, Potterheads.

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