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If there's one rule every reality TV competitor lives by, it's this: Don't be the first one eliminated.

The Amazing Race said goodbye to two of its teams in the first elImination of the season. Yes, it was a double elimination, a first for the show.

Hey, they had to make up for giving everyone a free pass last week.

So did Survivor super-couple Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca survive the first cut?

Sadly, Ethan and Jenna could not "outwit, outlast and outplay" TAR. Joining them on the long flight home from Indonesia were Ron and Bill, the domestic partners/flight attendants.

The Amazing Race, Ethan Zohn, Jenna Morasca

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It seemed like luck wasn't on Ethan and Jenna's side this time around. Jenna actually lost a clue in Indonesia and later the couple failed to read a sign, which forced them to return later to finish their task. OK, so maybe it didn't have so much to do with luck as it did the couple's observation skills, though to be fair many of the other teams also missed the sign that told them to donate all of the money they earned to the orphanage.

The couple seemed to take their elimination pretty well, with cancer survivor Ethan saying, "This is a pretty blissful situation. It's a blessing." Ron and Bill also handled their elimination with grace, saying, "It's just a chapter in our race." Aw!

The team that won the challenge? Tommy and Andy, best friends who also happen to be former Olympic snowboarders. The boardin' duo was surprisingly the first team to read the very important sign, which was the key to their victory. The boys won a trip to Ireland as their prize.

Were you sad and/or shocked to see Ethan and Jenna eliminated this early? Which team do you think will win it all? Sound off in the comments!

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