Ever wonder what the sex talk in a polygamist household is like? Of course you have!

Tonight, you finally got your answer. The kids on Sister Wives decided they wanted to go on a group date, which led to The Talk. Also in the episode, Kody Brown and his fourth wife Robyn dealt with a scary possibility regarding her pregnancy.

So how did the talk go? And is everything OK with the Brown's newest addition?

In the family living room, Kody took charge, telling the kids he doesn't want them to date in high school, which some of the teenagers don't take too well. 

Kody lays down the law for his kids, explaining: "You should not be sexual until you've graduated high school ever." He then says he would prefer they wait until marriage to become sexually active.

"I don't really want to talk about my daughters marrying… or dating," Kody says later, prompting laughter from his wives.

On the adult side of things, Kody, Janelle and Christine were all looking for new jobs and decided to look into real estate. They went to visit their realtor—who just so happened to really need help. Though they need to wait six weeks to get their licenses, the trio helped set up some open houses to get the hang of things.

Then there was the real drama. Kody and Robyn were facing the possibility of a miscarriage. The pair announced that they were expecting in the premiere, but Robyn said she'd been experiencing some worrisome symptoms and wisely wanted to head to the doctor to make sure everything was OK. Understandably, Kody and Robyn were "emotional devastated" by the possibility that something might have gone wrong.

At first, the midwife couldn't hear the heartbeat, but once they switched over to an ultrasound device, the heartbeat comes through loud and clear. Filled with relief, Robyn understandably started crying. Kody texted a worried Meri to let her know the baby was OK.

Thank goodness.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Do you think the kids should be allowed to go on solo dates? Sound off in the comments!

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