Sarah Michelle Gellar

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Dear Ted:
I've been watching Ringer since it started and I love the show. But I can't help but think that Sarah Michelle Gellar looks way too old for her age. What happened to her? Why does she look like an old lady when she's only in her 30s?

Dear Ring Around the Oldie:
C'mon, N, I think she looks pretty damn good these days. She's not as spry as she was in her Buffy days, duh, but she's a mom now… And a hot one, in my opinion. If you're asking if there's anything Vicey aging the gal, the answer's no. If anything, her Vice should keep her young for years!

Dear Ted:
I love me some R.Pattz but it's no secret that he loves to unwind at the pub. Do you think his love of all things lager might be taking its toll on his looks?

Dear Throw One Back:
Gasp! Are you calling Rob fugly, babe?

Dear Ted:
So around what attention-diverting event can we expect Demi and Ashton to announce their divorce? Maybe they'll wait until the Conrad Murray verdict comes out? Or even Thanksgiving like Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey did? What's your best guess? They do seem pretty dunzo. Not spending Rosh Hashana or their anniversary together is not a good sign.

Dear Twitter Twatter:
While things definitely don't look like they're going fab between these two, I don't think Demi is going to throw in the towel that easily. Heck, looks like they've already started praying to the Kabbalah gods too. I'm sure we'll get some more clues on Ms. Moore's Twitter feed soon.

Dear Ted:
Me and my orange tabby, Luna, are wondering what the specifications are to be a H'wood beard. Can anyone join the club or is it exclusive? Sounds like a pretty good gig if you ask me. Love you!

Dear Looking Grizzly:
Tres exclusive, doll. And while it's sometimes glamorous (and good money), it depends on who you're linked up with. Sometimes the bearding gig can just plain suck—like for all those chicas who've been used and abused at Parrish Maguire's side.

Dear Ted:
We all know that Gossip Girl cast is filled with Blind Vices. What I wanna know is if the recently departed Connor Paolo was one of them? So glad he is on a show where he is getting more screen time now! CW's loss is ABC's gain.

Dear Vice City:
Hardly, doll. That little cutie is as innocent as he looks. Loving him on Revenge though—definitely one of my fave new shows this season (and one I'm sure will get a wee bit Vicey behind the scenes, you can count on that!).

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