Chynna Phillips, Dancing with the Stars, Billy Baldwin

Adam Taylor/ABC; Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage

We're sure glad we're not married to Chynna Phillips right now.

The Dancing With the Stars contestant and mother of three says if she takes home the coveted mirror-ball trophy, she's making husband Billy Baldwin get a...vasectomy!


Phillips is using the possible win as leverage because she says that Baldwin pressed her to compete on Dancing.

"He thinks I'm kidding, but he's got a really big reality to face after the show's over," Phillips told us earlier today when she and partner Tony Dovolani stopped by E! News. "I have pushed out three kids, it's his turn...It's time for him to get a vasectomy. He's got to grow up and get snipped."

"And so do you by the way," she quipped to Dovolani, who has three kids with his wife, Lina.

"No, stay away from my balls!" the pro hoofer laughed. "You already kicked them, I'm not snipping them!"

Phillips' below the belt threat hasn't stopped Baldwin from supporting his wife on the show. "No, he still votes 15 times, over and over again," she said

Meanwhile, Phillips isn't the one who's fearing a future wardrobe malfunction after this week's much buzzed-about Nancy Grace nip slip.

"I'll wear pasties now," joked Dovolani.

Phillips added, "Once you've seen one nipple, you've seen them all."

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