It was the nip slip that apparently didn't happen, remember? When I was talking with Nancy Grace about Michael Jackson's trial last week, I just had to ask if her cleavage would be out front and center tomorrow night, along with that big blonde mop of hers?

Nancy responded very differently than she does on her HLN show, as she suddenly got rather thoughtful, not reactionary at all:

"I'm not changing who I am," Nancy said, suddenly very deliberate (and maybe a bit exhausted—as she has been pretty busy denying that it was actually her nip that slipped).

"I dress for comfort, not for style," she added, a bit mysteriously. So I suppose we're going to have to just wait and see how much of the impressive Grace bosom will show up tomorrow night, but I think this sounds like those babies will be front and center.

I asked Nancy if she was nervous, and if she thought she had a chance at winning the top spot.

"I can't think about that," Grace gushed. "Just like when I do a show, I'm only thinking about the 'Q' and 'A'—and when I'm dancing I'm only thinking about the steps."

Oh, really?

"Yes, this will be the singularly most beautiful waltz I have ever danced."

Oh, honey, that sounds like somebody who already has winning the whole damn competition in mind, just sayin'!

Regardless, good luck, Nance, can't wait to see how you move and what you wear—or don't.

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