What’s Your Number, Anna Faris, Chris Evans

20th Century Fox

Review in a Hurry: In this rote rom-com, Anna Faris plays a single jobless gal who looks back at the 20 men she's slept with and wonders if one of them is The One. Offering a few chuckles but nothing new, What's Your Number? is strictly by the numbers.

The Bigger Picture: Preciously named Ally Darling (Faris) has dated plenty of the wrong guys and can't seem to find Mr. Right. Similarly, charming and funny Faris can't seem to find the right film worthy of her talents. From Scary Movies to The House Bunny to (shudder) Yogi Bear, the actress is frequently better than her material. And here we go again.

Out of work and just out of a bad relationship, Ally panics when she reads that most women with 20+ sex partners will never land a husband. Teetering on that limit, she embarks on a mission to nab the perfect mate—without adding to her number—by reconnecting with past boyfriends and f**k buddies. Call it the ex factor.

When Ally's hot, man-whore neighbor Colin (Chris Evans) agrees to help her track down the guys, it's very clear very early where this retread romance is headed. Ally episodically nixes most of the exes as she and cad Colin get chummier. Plus, there's the standard wedding subplot, involving perfect sister Daisy (Ari Graynor), to rub true love in Ally's face. But this is mostly filler before the clichéd, long-delayed last-reel chase and inevitable conclusion.

Keeping wardrobe costs down, Evans flaunts his Captain America body at every opportunity, which is great for the ladies but might threaten men dragged to the theater. Faris, too, shows some skin, but fortunately, the two stars also generate heat while their clothes are on.

A kooky-cute comedienne, Faris wrings laughs by boozing it up (a lot) and/or falling down (ditto), and in one hilarious sequence, mangles British, Russian and Swedish accents. But the story is just too contrived and predictable to love. Hopefully, Faris' next film pairing will be The One.

The 180—a Second Opinion: The soundtrack features fun 'n' funky cuts from the '70s and '80s, including "I Can See Clearly Now," "Three Times a Lady" and "Just What I Needed." Retro cool!

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