Michael Vick, Dog Toy

Dear Ted:
Thank you so much for calling out Michael Vick. Having worked in pit-bull rescue for several years, including working with and adopting dogs rescued from fighting busts, I really wish more people with a public audience would call Vick out for his lies and hypocrisy. The dog fighting was bad enough, but he tortured and brutally killed dogs as well. I personally know people who investigated the scene and they claim it was the worst experience of their lives. And these are people who have been doing cruelty and dog-fighting investigations for years. I'm also extremely disappointed in the Humane Society of the United States and Wayne Pacelle for giving Vick the ability to appear as if he has redeemed himself. Love your blog, love your work for the pups! Thanks so much for being a voice for the animals. All my canine crew send you big slobbery kisses!

Dear Couldn't Have Said It Better:
Totally agree, S, but rest assured, karma works in mysterious ways. Enjoy the fabulous photo above as proof—courtesy of animal loving reader, Tobie Faith, from Hal Roth.

Dear Ted:  
Do you even keep a straight face when people ask if Jennifer Aniston's pregnant or when she's going to have a baby? The woman is 42 and ridiculously wealthy. If she really wanted a family she'd have one by now... and it's not exactly like she's dating a guy who's the settling-down type. Ironically, I'd probably like her an awful lot more if she were just honest and said that her life (and body) is badass just the way it is and that she doesn't need kids. Or would that just piss off too many housewives who are rooting for sad Jen to find a man and finally complete her life by having kids?

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Dear Babies Or Bod:
It's not that Jen doesn't want kids, per se, but she is doing just fine without ‘em. Our take? Jen doesn't need children to fulfill her life, so she certainly isn't going to take just any baby daddy who comes along. Her life is fabulous the way it is—if kids enter the picture then great, and if not, we're sure her highlights, killer legs and bad-girl ‘tude will get her through. 

Dear Ted:
Love reading your blog multiple times a day (don't tell my boss) and watching your video blogs. Question, oh Gossip Wise One: Are these Ash/Dem marital rumblings due to his wandering eye legit or is it much ado about nothing? If yes, would said wandering eye be related to Ashton's Vice? I am asking you because I know you know and that you will be straight up! Many thanks in advance for your candor.

Dear Trouble In Paradise:
All I'll say is something's definitely up with the couple, but no relation to Ashton's Vice—yet. 

Dear Ted:
After reading recently that Kim Delaney had to be helped off the podium at a recent event, I got to wondering whether or not that cougar has any Blind Vices?

Dear Cougar On The Prowl:
No, gal hardly keeps her Vices a secret.   

Dear Ted:  
I was thinking about Hayden Christensen, because I love him a lot. Does he have any Vices, or upcoming movies to look forward to? He's not so great to his fans. He was dead sexy in Takers and then disappeared, which I do not appreciate. Also is he still with Rachel Bilson?

Dear Hunting For Hayden:
He may not be up to much in the movie department, but Hayden is a Blind Vicer. As for Rachel? The two are on-again, off-again, but they're together (if you could call it that)—at least for right now.

Dear Ted:
Just read a blind item on another site (sorry) about a couple having some trouble and the descriptions sounded like my current faves, Sookie and Vampire Bill. Please tell me I can sleep easy and not have to worry about them in real life.

Dear Fang-tastic:
Rest assured, S, the couple's doing fine. Consider it the vampire curse—there is always break-up speculation. 

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