Love is in the air, Community fans.

In case this is your first time on the Internet, we'll let you in on a little secret: Community's online fanbase is big, vocal and awesome. Also, they really, really love the couples on their show.

We just visited Greendale Community College, where we chatted with the stars about upcoming romances, the show being "more grounded" and the biggest obstacle in Jeff (Joel McHale) and Annie's (Alison Brie) way...

 "This is sort of the greatest love story ever told," says Danny Pudi of his character Abed's bromance with Troy (Donald Glover). Sorry, Jeff and Annie fans, we're going with Danny on this one.

Speaking of Jeff and Annie, Alison tells us, "Definitely the Jeff and Annie shippers will be happy," with season three as their romance will be further explored. "There's plenty of evidence to support that sort of moving forward, dysfunctionally like everything on our show. It's sort of like there's still a glimmer of hope for the two of them, but I wouldn't say it's in the bag. Annie certainly is going to continue to have little moments with different people as well."

Joel also teases that the Annie and Jeff storyline "does ramp up," but acknowledges one obstacle in their way. "She is 20 and my character is supposed to be vaguely in his mid-to-late 30s, so it's funny because [some] people are like ‘We want them to be together' and others are like ‘You're a creep!'"

While we've heard rumors of Britta (Gillian Jacobs), Jeff's other love interest, and Troy getting closer this year, Gillian claims she's kept in the dark about upcoming storylines. "It remains to be seen," she says of Britta's love life. "I don't know. Sometimes they keep secrets from us as the cast." For the record, Britta and Troy FTW!

Will a Community Threesome Break Up Jeff and Annie?

Though the cult favorite comedy kicked off its third season with a musical number, Donald Glover says fans can expect the series "to be a lot more grounded. Think The Office meets Jurassic Park." Danny Pudi quickly adds, "It's as close to reality television as you can get." Yeah, we're pretty sure the show is going to be as weird (and as awesome) as ever.

Joel quickly confirmed our weirdness suspicions when he teased season three by saying, "Gunplay. People getting shot. Fire. Poisoning. Monkeys. Homicidal maniacs. Unicorns...I'm joking now.

"I think there's a lot of wonderful, crazy things happening. When people say ‘It's going to be more grounded' I think, ‘Was it un-grounded? How un-grounded did you think it was?'"

You know what? We wouldn't want our Community served any other way.

Watch our interviews with Joel, Alison, Gillian, Danny and Donald to learn more about season three and hear how Joel is the "cheapest person" ever. And don't forget to watch Community tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Who's your favorite Community couple: Troy and Abed or Jeff and Annie? State your reasons in the comments.

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