Nancy Grace


Another week of stars dancing, and another elimination of one said star.

Tonight, Dancing With the Stars said ciao to Elisabetta Canalis and partner, first year pro Val Chmerkovskiy. Canalis had struggled during her two weeks on the show, and when it came down to her and David Arquette on the chopping block, the viewers voted off the Italian beauty.

So what are her plans now that her dancing days are over? Plus, Nancy Grace once again explains denies her "wardrobe malfunction"...

In case you missed all the brouhaha over Nancy's nip slip, she's back to set the record straight.

"Listen, there's an industrial strength bra in here. There's a bra sewn into the dress. There is a pale covered lining, and I think when I did that back [bend] thing, that pushed it out," she tells us. "That is not a nipple. That's going to be on my gravestone. There was no nipple. I certainly don't want my children to learn to read and read on the Internet that mommy's a tramp and mommy flashed America! That did not happen. I deny, deny, deny it. You can't break me. That's my story and I'm sticking to it."

Oh, Nancy. Don't you dare go changing.

Unfortunately, Elisabetta and Val do not get to live to dance another week, as they got sent home tonight. "We had bad luck.  It makes me sad. I'm sorry because Val was a great teacher. He didn't deserve that," she tells us sadly. "You can expect that from me because I've never been a dancer in my life, but he's a champion."

Her partner Val seemed equally upset over the outcome, more for her sake than his. "It's not about me, it's about her. It might sound a little cliché, but I'm not upset with me. I'm upset for her," he says. "This is not my time to shine. This wasn't my stage; this wasn't my competition. I just wish she had another chance to shine."

Elisabetta also filled us in on her post-DWTS plans, which sound pretty awesome to us. "I will gain weight for sure," she laughs. "Of course I will not stop doing sports. Maybe I will take a little break from dancing. I'm a little bit sad now."

And in case you were wondering, there is no sibling rivalry between Val and his brother Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who remains in the competition. "We put our own pressure on ourselves. We have very high expectations for ourselves. I'm going to support him, and I hope he does well," he tells us.

Do you think America picked the right star to vote off? Can you predict the pair to win it all, or is it too soon to tell? Sound off in the comments!

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