Shayne Lamas Is Having a Girl—and Her Name Will Be...

Former E! star divulges what she and hubby Nik Richie will call their first child together

By Natalie Finn, Marcus Mulick Sep 27, 2011 8:49 PMTags
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Leave it to Shayne Lamas to be prepared.

Not only have she and hubby Nik Richie signed their unborn child up with a talent agency, as TMZ helpfully revealed by posting the contract, but they've also come up with a name for their first child together.

Which, Shayne exclusively confirms to E! News, is going to be a girl!

So, what do they plan to call the starlet-in-the-making?

Shayne and Nik plan to name their first child together Press.

"Her name came to us at the beginning of my pregnancy, because she was getting so much press," Shayne told us. "It started as a joke, her nickname was ‘Press Baby,' but when we found out it was a girl, suddenly that was her name—her name was going to be Press!

"I think Press is a beautiful name, we're elated, little princess Press!"

And considering what's on the newborn's agenda before she's even arrived, the name is pretty fitting.

"Press has been getting so many offers, more offers than me and my husband have ever gotten!" Shayne said, explaining their decision to hook her daughter up with the Z Group. "Whether it's a baby product or pictures or an interview, a lot of stuff has been coming, and people want to sign her, and she's not even born yet!"

But the former E! star insists she's not going to be one of those mothers.

"I'm not a stage mom, I really don't want to be," said the Leave It to Lamas player, who's currently shooting a new show for Oxygen. "I've always been a free spirit about this entire process. I'm not one of those pregnant uptight moms where everything has to be perfect!"

And despite her new TV project, Shayne said, Press will not enter this world (via C-section on Nov. 11) on TV.

"I decided personally to keep her out of the whole reality world and keep the birth personal for me and my family," she said.

Richie, founder of the salacious tidbit-touting website theDirty.com, is pretty nervous about the new lady in his life, according to his wife.

"My husband is biting his nails!" Shayne said. "He thinks it's karma and it's God getting back to him for his website."