House Season Premiere Sneak Peek—Plus Scoop From the Cast!

Hugh Laurie, Jesse Spencer and new castmember Odette Yustman Annable spill season-eight secrets

By Jenna Mullins Sep 27, 2011 9:21 PMTags

The new season of House is just days away, and it just doesn't feel like you guys are ready for it. And that's where we come in. You are so welcome.

Not only do we have some clips from the season premiere, but we talked with the cast to squeeze every ounce of new season scoop we could get from there. Bad news? They kept mum on a lot of House secrets. Good news? They weren't that mum...

Hugh Laurie tells us that they've only filmed four or five episodes at this point, but he promises us "good stuff" this season, especially since Olivia Wilde is set to return. "She comes and she goes because her star is in the ascendant. But we'll catch her on the way down, don't you worry," he jokes. "That was a sort of mean and unpleasant thing to say. But no, it's wonderful to have her back. She's so good. So good."

Odette Yustman Annable, aka the new girl on the cell block, told us about the type of dynamic between House (Laurie) and her character, Dr. Jessica Adams. "She's very intrigued, just like he is, by the puzzle and by the discovery of the whole diagnosis. She's sort of revived by him because she's been working in the prison and sort of doing her own thing for months and months," she says. "But when House comes along, he triggers something in her. I think she's very opinionated and she's not afraid to share those opinions. And he appreciates that because I don't think he would be associated with somebody that didn't give it back to him a little bit."

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Speaking of things being triggered, it's been rumored that Odette will be a love interest for Chase (Jesse Spencer), so we obviously had to bug her about that. "That is the big question," she tells us with a laugh. "I have no idea if they're going to have a love interest for me. We're still sort of finding her out, and they're giving some really great backstory on my character. When everything starts rolling and the whole team is back together, you really know who Adams is and then you can get the feel for the new team and the old team and how that works together. So, no romantic interests as of yet."

Well, let's bring in some of those team members to answer our questions. Spencer and Peter Jacobson, an original House teammate and a new(ish) one, insisted they weren't allowed to talk about any new storylines, but they did offer up some scoop on their characters: "There's a little mystery and intrigue, actually with every character coming back," says Spencer. "We come back [after] a year has passed and we've sort of all come back with something having happened in that year."

Jacobson adds: "I think it's a nice way to start, a year later. I don't think they've done that before. It's usually a week later," he tells us. "I start out with some fun stuff, some lingering issues from season seven. They linger and they compound themselves."

And what about that whole new Dean of Medicine thing? We tried to get Spencer and Jacobson to campaign for the job, and well, you can see how that turns out in our video interview above. Plus, Odette talks Breaking In (a WWK favorite!) returning to Fox in the spring.

Intrigued by the new season of House? Maybe you will be after watching the premiere clips below.