Matty vs. Jake! Awkward.'s Beau Mirchoff and Brett Davern Tease Tonight's Finale and Battle for Your Vote!

Get an exclusive sneak peek at tonight's highly anticipated season finale, in which Jenna finally makes a choice

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Sorry Damon, Elena and Stefan!  Move over Bill, Eric and Sookie! A group of Awkward. teenagers just stole the best TV love triangle crown right off of your heads.

That's right. We said it. We truly believe Awkward.'s two BFFs, Matty (Beau Mirchoff) and Jake (Brett Davern), and the show's Juno-esque heroine Jenna (Ashley Rickards) is currently TV's most addictive love triangle. And unlike those vamp-lovers Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Sookie (Anna Paquin), Jenna is actually making a choice between her two men on the finale, airing tonight on MTV.

To get you guys even more excited for the finale, we chatted with the show's two leading men (and real-life BFFs) and asked them to pick the best guy for Jenna. Some of their answers may surprise you (and most of them will crack you up!).

State your case: Why is your character the right guy for Jenna?
I think Jenna really loves Matty and she only likes Jake. Matty is the Ross to her Rachel. Matty really cares about her and knows who she is. I think Jake's intentions are well, but I just don't think he's got it. Matty is more charming and Jake is too short. Jenna likes a tall man, not a short boy.
Brett: Jake, he's such a good guy and he's always there when she needs him and he gets her jokes and laughs at her funny little quips. He's just honest and open and out there. He has a strong sense of himself and he's not afraid to put that out there. He likes to stand on his own and I think that's someone that Jenna should be with because she is that way herself. They'd be a really good fit for each other. And besides, Matty has B.O.!

For Beau, what's your favorite Matty and Jenna moment from season one? For Brett, same question, just with Jake and Jenna, obviously.
Beau: My favorite Matty and Jenna moment would have to be getting down in the playhouse.
Brett: I think their accidental kiss, or that misunderstanding kiss, is definitely an awesome moment. Then getting spotted by the janitor, which was creepy and awkward at the same time. That was a fun one! I also really like the scene with Jake and Jenna outside of the pizza place before that kiss.

Which is worse: Jake stringing along Lissa (Greer Grammer) or Matty hiding his relationship with Jenna?
Beau:  Jake stringing along Lissa! I mean that's cheating—he cheated! All the girls out there who think that Jake's a sweet guy, he's not! He cheated on his girlfriend. He's keeping her along when he doesn't even like her. Why isn't anyone calling him out on that?
Brett's Rebuttal: The thing is, as we've seen in the episodes, Lissa just kind of forces him to be with her. It's almost like he's given Lissa hints, at least this is what I think, when the cameras aren't on them. He's giving Lissa all these hints like, "I don't want to be with you!" And he's such a good guy, he doesn't want to break her heart. And the kiss thing, I think he was getting mixed signals from Jenna. I don't think that was his fault.

Brett: Matty hiding his relationship with Jenna. I mean, come on, dude! Step up, grow a pair! He takes her on a date to the middle of nowhere, even if it is for a family! He still hasn't told Jake he's even involved with her! Matty's got a really big head. I mean physically, not egotistically. Just physically.
Beau's Rebuttal: He wanted to take Jenna to his uncle's restaurant, that's special—that's bringing her to see his family! That's better than you know, T.G.I. Friday's. Matty spent more money on gas, he spent more time in the car with her, showed her what kind of music he likes.

For both of you, which other girl on the show do you think would be a good match for your character?
Beau: I think Matty and Val, a little student-teacher romance going on!
Brett: Jillian (Rose Reed) and I always joke around about, because Jake and Tamara are both theater kids, there could maybe be a little fling that goes on. That could be funny, but that's Jenna's best friend. That might be a little awkward. Maybe we can bring back Jenna Plus!


Dream season-one ending: Matty and Jenna together, Jake and Jenna together or Matty and Jake choosing bros over hos?
Beau: It would be Matty and Jenna, Jake falls off the school and ends up in a coma. But then he wakes up. 
I think maybe Jake and Matty just sort of going out there and trying to find some new girls. That'd be fun, introduce some new characters. I think if Jake had his way, he'd end up with Jenna, but as Brett and as an actor, it'd be fun to introduce some new characters and bring some new people into the mix.

Finally, tease the finale for fans.
Beau: I can tease that the love triangle will come to an end for the time being. I know that a conclusion is made. Jenna makes a choice for better or for worse. I think it's the strongest episode of the year and I think fans are really, really going to like it.
Brett: There's a lot more drama to come, especially for Jake and his relationship issues, as it pertains to Lissa and where he goes from here. It's an ending that the audience is not going to see coming and I think it's a true cliffhanger for season two.


Which Awkward. Team Are You On?

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We know, we know, it's almost impossible to choose between Matty and Jake, but we're going to force you to make a decision. Vote in our poll and don't forget to tune in to the Awkward. finale tonight at 11 p.m. on MTV to see who Jenna chooses!

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