Yikes. This is getting ugly. Actually, make that hysterical.

Just days after Jonah Hill aired his frustrations on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon about how Matthew Morrison not only dissed him at this year's Fox upfronts, but also used his name as a punchline at a party, the Glee guy has snapped back the best way he knows how.

"Hey, Jimmy, what's up?" said Morrison on Fallon's program via a taped message. "I heard what went down on your show the other day. I heard that Jonah Hill said I should bring my s--t next time. Well, guess what? This, is next time."

Not surprisingly, he tries to intimidate Hill by bringing up his not-so-secret weapons.

"You think I can't sing my way out of this, Jonah? Well, guess what, Jonah? I can sing my way out of it and I can dance my way out of it," said Morrison in response to Hill's "I'd like to see him sing his way out of this one" quip.

"So, listen. Pick a date and I will meet you on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and we'll settle this like men. But be afraid. Be very afraid. Because no one messes with someone from musical theater. This just got real, man."

But it looks like not all love is lost between these two.

"Hey, can't wait to see Moneyball," concluded Morrison.

Unless, of course, that was directed at Brad Pitt.

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