Guess Who


Aren't kids the cutest?!

While some celebuspawn are playing in the park, finding their Zen or getting a superhero mani-pedi, other famous kiddos take a more rebellious approach to the cameras.

In this case, the late-night funnyman's son is taking a classy pose like a certain Oscar nominee and Grammy winner by flippin' the bird.

Maybe he didn't know what he was doing? He couldn't have...right?

So, who's this little gangsta's old man?


Conan O'Brien, Beckett


Oh you crazy guy, it's Conan O'Brien!

The comedian and his son, Beckett, were caught leaving the Brentwood Country Mart in Brentwood, Calif., by photogs, which apparently didn't intrigue the tot.

Don't be so surprised, there are many situations that little Beckett could have seen this one-finger salute taking place and picked it up.

For instance, maybe he saw his dad doing it to the television when Jay Leno was on or after hearing his "disappointing" reviews? Maybe he got it from some troublemaker at school?

Regardless, Beck tested it out and managed to do it with a straight, totally innocent face.

For that sir, we say, bravo.

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