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Dear Joan:
First, I am a huge fan since forever. Thank you for being so unashamedly yourself. But the real issue here is the Emmys the other night. The Police highlighted a lot of stars that night but left out some of the prettiest ones, like Ariel Winter, Maria Bello and Julia Stiles. These girls looked absolutely flawless and at least deserve an honorable mention for their looks. (P.S. Can you also tell me who made their dresses?)

Dear Forever Fan:

Thank you, I try! But there are so many great dresses and fugly messes on awards night that we can't possibly cover them all. As for fashion credits, they are Max Azria, Kaufman Franco and Georges Hobeika, in that order.

Dear Joan:
Where did you get your multi-color fur you wore on the Emmys Fashion Police? I love it!

Dear Fashion Fan:
Thank you, I love it, too. It's all a part of my blazer that comes from Somper Furs by Donna Pappas in Beverly Hills.

Dear Joan:
I really liked Giuliana's blue dress that was super short in the front and long in the back. I missed the credits that showed who made it. I think it would be a perfect New Year's dress for me. I also always check out the shoes you guys wear. The credits often flash so quickly it is impossible to see it all. Anyway, if you would be able to let me know who made the dress, I would greatly appreciate it. Sincerely,

Dear Style Spy:
Thanks for your interest in our fashion credits. I'm always happy to answer those questions and show the designers some love. And didn't Giuliana look great that night? Her dress was Blaque Label, the shoes were Giuseppe Zanotti with Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry.

Dear Joan:
Is it me or are you also getting sick of looking at Christina Hendricks boobs?

Dear Boobie Patrol:
I didn't love her Emmy dress, obviously. She got my vote for worst dressed because of the slit that showed off her chubby knees. But she's voluptuous, so I can't blame her for working with what she's got and showing us the goods. As George pointed out, she got the fit right with her hourglass shape.

Dear Joan:
I assume you have a live audience. How do I get tickets? Is the show taped in Hollywood?

Dear Bella Donna:
We do have a live audience here at the E! headquarters in L.A. and it's always a lot of fun taping the show with everyone here. Email the office at fashionpoliceaudience@comcastnets.com and you'll be added to the weekly invite list, which will include all the information you need for attending tapings.

Dear Joan:
Love you, love your show. Is it acceptable for a middle-aged woman to wear very sheer pantyhose? My legs are kind of blotchy and self-tanner is not the answer for me. I avoid this whole issue by never wearing skirts, but I'd like to.
—Cindy in San Diego

Dear Sunny in San Diego:
Thank you, my dear. By all means, wear pantyhose if it makes you feel more confident. You'll also be right on trend since patterned tights and colored hosiery are going to be big for fall. Opaque or sheer, fishnets or polkadots, you name it, we'll see it. And it would be a shame never to wear skirts, especially in Southern California, because you're worried about other people judging you. Don't overthink the situation and do what makes you feel good.

Dear Joan:
I missed the wardrobe credits for Friday, Sept. 9. Who is the designer for George's tie? The yellow of the tie is my new favorite and I've gotta have it! Thanks.

Dear Accessory Admirer:
Wasn't it fabulous?! The tie was Prada, which George mixed and matched with a J.Crew shirt and a suit by Astor & Black.

Dear Joan:
What are the fall colors for nail polish? I just found a really good fake for Chanel Black Pearl in Revlon Black With Envy. Should I buy more? I'm on the downhill roll to 55 and unemployed. Right now since I'm not getting any interviews, funky colors are working for me and keeping me happy. I know that I can't interview in these colors, so tell me what should I wear. I love your show! Cracks me up.
—MaryAnn Smith

Dear Manicure Mama:
Honey, hang in there, things will pick up! But I agree with you, metallic black polish doesn't work for an interview unless you're going to work at a record label. When it comes to meeting potential employers, you have to go with something tame and traditional, like pale pink. Even red could be considered a little too vampy for a job interview. Good luck!

Dear Joan: 
Who makes the crystal/glass hanging orbs on the set of Fashion Police? Also, I would love to know who makes the bench that is also on the set.

Dear Eagle Eye:
Thanks for noticing the details! The glass orb pendant lamp is from Lamps Plus. The bench is from the Great Indoors and we had it reupholstered.

Dear Joan: 
[You] had on a gorgeous black glittering necklace on the Sept. 9 episode. Where can I get one?

Dear Bling's the Thing:
Feeling so much love today, thanks, dolls! The necklace is from my Joan Rivers' Classic collection. 

Email me your fashion questions at askjoan@eonline.com.

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