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Any hope for Chuck and Blair? Blaine and Kurt? Get exclusive scoop on all your faves

By Kristin Dos Santos Sep 27, 2011 12:28 AMTags
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Spoiler alert: Glee totally has its heart back.

That's what I can tell you after seeing tomorrow night's episode, in which there are plenty of squee- and squeal-worthy moments (particularly for you fans who love Finchel, Klaine and Brittana). It's emotional and sweet and funny (Brittany has a cotton candy-related line that will take your breath away) and back to everything many of us loved in the first place. Read on for more deets on that, Gleeksters.

Meanwhile, Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) is going to do some very bad things (and have some very bad things done to him) this season on Gossip Girl, while we are trying to keep the hope alive for Dan and Blair. Plus we have the goods on New Girl, Community, Dexter, Secret Circle, Fringe, The Vampire Diaries and more...

Mooricia22: What is up with Dan and Blair this season? And what about Chuck? Give us the goods on Gossip Girl!

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Well, I finally know what is up with him looking all bruised and battered in that photo snapped on the set! I'm told that Chuck will be concerned that he feels nothing when he gets Blair's Save the Date card, and starts taking some extreme measures to start feeling something, anything, including possibly hiring some dudes to do that job for him. Bottom line: There's some dark Chuck stuff coming up. Also, our very first Gossip Girl Redux is posting tonight. So make sure to check back for that, and email/tweet/send carrier pigeon to your friends for them to read it if you want the GG Redux to stick around!

Helia2205: I know it's late but were Dan and Blair in touch thru the summer?
Remember how Blair copied Dan's queue before jetting off to Monaco? Let's just say their queues didn't see much action…or any actually. Take from that what you will. Do you also remember how we teased that the phrase "three words, eight letters" was brought back in the premiere? We will reveal that is does come up in a Dan and Blair scene. Speculate away!


Isthisrealornot: Any Klaine related Glee gossip for us? Thanks!!
Let's just say Kurt (Chris Colfer) is apparently into younger men. See what we revealed there?! Other than that, you'll see Kurt and Blaine (Darren Criss) both go after the same role in McKinley High's production of West Side Story.

@tomorrowsgossip: Please tell me Rory and Brittany are not gonna hook up? Do you have any Brittana news? #glee
There's a Brittana scene in the next episode that should make you happy, along with one of the best lines of the episode that includes the word "genius," and what certainly appears to be (at least from where I'm sitting!) some real feelings on Brittany's part.

Nomesterz: any scoop on Finn and what is coming for him this season. Will we be seeing him dealing w/ college?
Well, Finchel definitely has "the talk" in tomorrow night's episode. While Rachel (Lea Michele) makes it clear that she would love for Finn (Cory Monteith) to follow her to NYC after graduation, he's not sure if he has the same big-city dreams. Differences aside, this scene is still probably going to make you all squeal with delight at just how cute it is! (I know I did!) Finn even tells Rachel, "You're the best girlfriend ever." Swoon!

Griselda21: can you give us anything interesting about the quinn and shelby storyline on glee?
Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel) is back in Lima and she has brought along the most precious baby you could ever imagine! Picture a mini Quinn (Dianna Agron) with Puck's (Mark Salling) "dopey smile." Puck is 100 percent ready to be a part of Beth's life (even creating a new animal for her!), while Quinn makes a very important and deceptive decision after learning of Shelby's return.

MBthebest: anything on Addison/Sam Private Practice?
Um, how about Sam (Taye Diggs) and Addison (Kate Walsh) caught in a compromising position with Benjamin Bratt's Dr. Jake? "I was in a scene with the both of them and I can't tell you what I was doing but I was in a compromising position with one of them on each side," Walsh teases. "We took a picture to send to Shonda [Rhimes] because it is a little ridiculous." Color us intrigued!


Sherri576: Any news on Dexter? I'm counting the days...
October cannot get here fast enough, right? As you can tell from the "Personal Jesus" trailer, Dexter is finding religion—everywhere he looks—this season. For the bloodthirsty among you, rest assured, this does not detract from Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and his vigilante killing, but one of his potential victims, the amazing Mos Def as a reformed (maybe) criminal turned preacher, becomes an unlikely ally. Dexter and  Deb need all the help they can get tracking religious lunatics Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks—the creepiest big bads since the Ice Truck Killer (who has a cameo in the first episode). Dexter obviously deserves a raise—but why is he asking his sister for it? Hmmm....

Dexter_Diehard: Since Lumen took off, is Dexter going to hook up with anyone this season? Are Deb and Quinn still feeling the love? What about LaGuerta and Batista?
When it comes to romance, we'll see a divorce, a marriage proposal, a one-night stand, and a first date. We'll let you guess where Cupid's arrows are pointing, but here's one hint: Masuka (C.S. Lee) is finally getting some action—with a coworker, no less.

Autumn DeWilde/FOX

Penny: I love New Girl! Give me something.
Oh, this show. So incredibly funny it makes us laugh inappropriately loudly in the office. Coming up Jess doesn't want to pick up her stuff from her douchey ex, so instead she goes shopping in douchey-yet-kind-hearted Schmidt's (Max Greenfield) lost and found box. Schmidt has had some very questionable lady friends. Which of course leads to a fun and strange trip down memory lane. 

Shawn in East Islip, N.Y.: I adored Zooey Deschanel's New Girl! Any fun stuff coming up?
We don't know about fun, but kinky? Definitely. "Jess (Deschanel) walks in on Nick (Jake Johnson) completely naked slapping his own butt," creator Liz Meriwether tells us. "Trouble ensues!" For more New Girl goodness from Liz, including whether or not there's romance on the horizon for Jess and one of the guys, check back with us tomorrow!

Notajenny: Anything good coming up for Jeff/Annie or anything for community in general? I'm not picky.
We'll let Alison Brie tackle this one. "There's plenty of evidence to support [Jeff and Annie] sort of moving forward, dysfunctionally, like everything on our show. There's still a glimmer of hope for the two of them, but I wouldn't say it's in the bag. Annie certainly is going to continue to have little moments with different people as well." One of those little moments may include Annie feeling a little jealous when she sees Troy (Donald Glover) and Britta (Gillian Jacobs) getting closer.

Harrothelad: Have you got some spoilers on one of those shows that's awesome? You know, like Community for example…
Well said, Harrothelad. Well said. A phrase you might not be hearing this season? Britta FTW! Gillian tells us, "Just like a lot of failure, a lot of humiliation" is what's in store for Britta this season. Hey, it's not all bad; she also lists, "Some blood, some climbing on tables and setting things on fire."

CupcakeLady113: Happy Endings! Any news on what's going down this season?!
Prepare for the battle of the babysitters starring Max (Adam Pally) and Penny (Casey Wilson), which involves knives, ties and a funeral.

trsarina777: When will we see a Charles/Diana scene in The Secret Circle?
We guess that hug in last week's episode didn't count? OK, then! We chatted with Shelley Hennig who says we'll see pretty soon what the relationship between Diana and her father (Gale Harold) is like. "From what I've seen, they do have a really good relationship and they actually are very verbal with each other about the loss of her mother. I'd say they have a pretty close relationship but both of us are hiding secrets from each other."

Quantrell Colbert/The CW

Yessica: When will Stefan be back on The Vampire Diaries?
I'm hearing halfway through the season. That too soon? Too late? Which way y'all shipping now? In other news, make sure you caught our story that Nina Dobrev is OK after suffering what she called a "concussion" on the set.

Rebecca: Supernatural please! Something on my favorite Winchester boy.
Which would be...hmm, lemme guess. Sam. No Dean. No Sam. OK, I'll just give you something related to both. I'm told that Dean will really have something of an identity crisis this season because if he doesn't take care of his brother Sam, who is he? I'm told he'll be searching for purpose. Any fans out there who'd like to rent Dean for the day?

Mary in Laurel, Md.: Fill my glass with some Cougar Town scoop, please! I'm dying for any info!
How about that there might just be a wedding this season? The lovely Busy Philipps tells us, "I believe that there may be" a Jules (Courteney Cox) and Grayson (Josh Hopkins) wedding this season. Best. News. Eva. So what about Laurie's love life? She is getting a new love interest later in the season and he's "a military guy" who is "stationed in Afghanistan or Iraq." Yes, you can expect to see a lot of Skype dates.

Jd_luv: What's going to happen on Chloe King??
Um, we have to break it to you, but ABC Family canceled CK. Apparently she didn't have nine live after all. (Hey-o!)

Sasha in San Diego, Calif: Hit me with some Parks & Rec scoop!
Andy (Chris Pratt) is getting his think on! Yes, Leslie's (Amy Poehler) new assistant has decided to go to college. To pay for it, he takes on a second job… at his old job.

gsierra21: Will there be new characters in The Walking Dead?
Our motley crew is headed to Herschel's Farm this season, familiar to fans of TWD comic book. Pruitt Taylor Vince plays a foreman on the farm, alongside Scott Wilson as Hershel himself and Lauren Cohan as his daughter, Maggie—who becomes very close to Glenn (Steven Yeun). Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) & Co. first encounter a new character this season in the most shocking way possible, and that is all we can say about that.

MNBonnie: Fringe's Olivia/Fauxlivia please!
We are so happy this crazy mind-bending show is back. In the next episode Olivia (Anna Torv) and Fauxlivia are going to have to put aside their glaring differences to work together and help solve a string of murders. Needless to say they are not BFFs but there is no denying both agents are awesome. FYI Torv does some of her best work in this episode.  

Cate12345: Any info on CSI:NY? Love Danny & Lindsay, but any scoop will do! Thanks for all your great info lately, much appreciated.
Lindsay (Anna Belknap) is going places. In episode four you will see her out of the lab, being a badass, but funnily enough this new development requires a costume change. Anna Belknap tells us: "We were joking, my costumer and I, because I actually have a purse...I'm usually just at the lab or at the crime scene. I was like, 'I need some place for my keys and my wallet.'" OK, so this isn't huge scoop but we like to see our favorite CSIs out of the lab.

me2bme: I hear you've been sitting on some Danny/Lindsay scoop...care to share? #CSINY
Let's expand a little on that Lindsay out of the lab thing. We know that Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo) gets in a bit of trouble and Lindsay, who can't work on the case, feels helpless to aid her hubby. Belknap explains that Lindsay, "takes an uncharacteristic step and goes out to try and help Danny." Will it help or hurt his cause? Verdict is out.

—Additional reporting by Leanne Aguilera, Tierney Bricker, Christina Dowling and Drusilla Moorhouse