Bristol Palin

It almost turned into high noon at Saddle Ranch last night.

Bristol Palin had just been thrown from a ride on the West Hollywood's bar's famed mechanical bull when a guy in the crowd screamed, "Did you ride Levi like that?! Your mother's a whore!"

If she wasn't going to just ignore him, couldn't she at least come up with a less cringe-worthy comeback than asking him if he was gay?

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A camera crew caught the whole thing as Bristol, at first still smiling, marched over to confront the guy, who later proudly identified himself as Stephen Hanks.

"What'd you say?" she asked him. "Your mother's the f--king devil," Hanks exclaimed. "She lives, she breaths," he retored, when Bristol asked what Sarah Palin had done wrong.

"You want her dead?" she asked. Hanks offered, "If there is a hell...she will be there...She's evil."

Then Bristol asked, "Is it because you're a homosexual?" Hanks said, "Pretty much," to which Bristol asserted, "And that's why you hate her."

When he asked why she thought he was homosexual, Bristol said, "Because I can tell you are. That's a nice wife you've got there," she added, gesturing to the man next to him.

After a few more exchanges, with all the profanity coming from Hanks' end, Bristol and her group left the bar.

A rep for Saddle Ranch had no comment on the incident. A rep for Bristol could not immediately be reached for contact.

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