Jersey Shore Season 3 Cast


Talk about a romance merry-go-round!

For those keeping score, Jersey Shore lovebirds Ronnie and Sammi are together.

At least they were when we chatted with them a couple of days ago.

"It's still early in the day," Ronnie said. "Right now, we're together. I can't tell you in an hour."

Sammi said, "This moment? I guess we're together."

Definitely not together? Deena and Snooki!

Just last week, the two pint-sized boozehounds were shown on the show making out...with each other!

"Deena is one of my best friends in the house," Sammi said. "She's just fun...I think she likes making out with everybody."

Or as Ronnie said, "Whatever is breathing in front of her. If it's got a pulse, she likes it."

As for the ongoing question about continuing with the show, Ronnie didn't mince words. "I'll do it," he said, "until I'm in Depends, using a walker and I'm feeding her baby food."

Jersey Shore: The Golden Years, anyone?

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