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Bangs are all the rage right now.

So we can understand why celebs like Lea Michele, Cate Blanchett, Rose Byrne, Ashley Herbert and Leighton Meester have opted for a chop recently. The 'do comes in handy when you're bored with your usual look and want something dramatic—but not too drastic like this or, say, this—to spiff up your hairstyle. There's also the added bonus that you don't have to get your eyebrows done as often.

But let's be blunt: The look can be tricky to pull off, because not everyone is Justin Bieber...

Still, getting bangs is nothing new, whether you're a flirty fashionista or an elementary schoolgirl on picture day. It's all in how you rock the locks.

So, we have to ask: Which of these lovely ladies' looks do you love the most?

Whose Bangs Are Best?
Which Hollywood Hottie Pulls Off the New 'Do?

What do you think? Which Hollywood hottie is rockin' 'em and which one needs to knock 'em? Sound off in the comments!

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