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Dear Ted:
Do you think that there could be any chance of a relationship between Lea Michele and Cory Monteith now that Lea is single again? She has said before that if it was going to happen with anyone in the Glee cast it would be with him.

Dear Slim to None:
Sure, they make a cute couple on the boob tube, but that's as far as their romance goes. I don't see Lea getting hot and heavy with Cory anytime soon...or like, ever, for that matter. Heck, she'd probably date Chris Colfer first. But I must admit, stranger things have happened.  

Dear Ted:
Saw the comment about Lea Michelle finding a new BF. Can I just suggest Darren Criss. Both divas with superb voices and bundles of talent! They'd be practically perfect together! And think how cute their babies would be!

Dear Criss Crossed:
They're a different breed of diva, doll, which is exactly why this pairing would so not work out. Plus, Lea shouldn't be dating anyone from her day job. She needs to go for a sexy movie star. Maybe someone like Ryan Gosling. But fear not, Lea will be back in the dating saddle in no time.

Dear Ted:
Just read your piece about Ashton Kutcher not being as funny as Charlie Sheen. The show is going to have to change quite a bit, and I think that's a good thing. They got rid of the lead and replaced him with a completely new character. Two and a Half Men will work with Ashton quite well if they keep going on a different yet fun path. I loved it before, and after the premiere I think I will still love it!

Dear Crazy as Charlie:
Are you on whatever Charlie Sheen was smokin', doll, ‘cause Ashton definitely isn't cutting it for me. Charlie may be cuckoo, but he was damn good at that show. But we'll see if the 29 or so million viewers who tuned in for the first ep agree with me or you when next week's ratings pop up.

Dear Ted:
I was not "wowed" by the Ashton Kutcher debut on Two and a Half Men. Checking it off the watch list. Too bad Charlie had to go bonkers, the show was funny to watch.

Dear Team Charlie:
Now try talking some sense into Ali above ya.

Dear Ted:
Are Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes dating or not? First he says he is single. Then he is seen kissing Eva at Disneyland. Then he says in an interview that he is not dating her. And then yesterday new pictures emerged of Eva and Ryan hiking, along with some story of them making out at a night club. What is up with these two?

Dear New to Hollywood:
They're hardly getting serious, P. And trust me, they're both very much loving the confusion they're causing. Ry is just playing the field right now and kissing whoever it is he wants to kiss. And do you expect anything less? Those abs can't go to waste, after all.

Dear Ted:
Ever since Leonardo DiCaprio got involved with Blake Lively he has become a permanent tabloid fixture. He was never in the tabloids to this extent before. I don't like it and I wonder how he feels about it. Lively likes and attracts attention, so I guess he knew it was coming, but it kind of cheapens him, don't you think? Is she worth it?

Dear Incepted:
Blake Lively loves herself some Blake Lively. And Leo is loving his time with Blake in the lime light. Don't be fooled: He's well aware what linking up with the Gossip Girl means, and he does not mind it one bit. In fact, he might just be craftier than Blake herself when it comes to this sitch.

Dear Ted:
I've been thinking for so long which Kardashian could have a Blind Vice and though I have a feeling it's Kim, is there any chance that Khloe Kardashian is Cass Stimulatia?

Dear Keeping Up With the Vices:
Nope, K is not Cass. But who says Kim and Khlo can't both have a Vice?

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