Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart

Dear Ted:
OK, what's up? Kristen Stewart did not look like her usual happy loved up self at the Mulberry Fashion Show and Robert Pattinson high tailed it back to L.A. after only 9 days. Trouble in paradise?

Dear Robsten On The Rocks:
Trouble in paradise, love? Hardly. More like scheduling trouble and potentially some wishes from Summit keeping these two apart to get us even more amped up for the Breaking Dawn press tour (they so go back and forth on this one, poor Rob and Kris). Trust, Robsten will do what Robsten wants, but no doubt, their time apart is getting every Twi-hard as excited as ever for their reunion. Smart move, Summit. 

Dear Ted:
So pictures from the Magic Mike set are starting to come out and it got me wondering, are any of the male actors Vice stars?

Dear Equal Opportunity:
Male and female alike, babe. You don't think a movie that naughty gets made without a couple of the cast members getting in on the juicy action, do ya?

Dear Ted:
I remember you said that Saucy Bossy has an award that Jerry Rock-Butt would really want. Is this award a major one like an Oscar or Emmy? Much love to you!

Dear Statue Envy:
Definitely a glitzy one you're more than happy to show off. And Jerr wants it badly, which he is not keeping a secret.

Dear Ted:
I'm sure by now you've seen the horrifying pictures of Lindsay Lohan and her mom making out at some club while her poor brother sits next to them. This is appalling. Do you think there is going to be fallout from this? This explains a lot of Lindsey's issues.

Dear Ick:
Do we really have to talk about this? I'd like to think that even LiLo isn't messed up enough to get her mack on with her own mother. Can we just give the broad the benefit of the doubt this time and say it's probably not as scandalous as people want it to be?

Dear Ted:
Do I have to talk about kittens and puppies before you give us any Niley news? Please tell us that Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas are friends or that someday they will be again!

Dear So 2010:
It wouldn't hurt to give a little lovin' to our four legged friends, doll. But c'mon, Niley was so forever ago. Move on. Miley certainly has.

Dear Ted:
You were right about Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter. She was at a game and was sitting with his parents in his suite. I was in the next suite. Very lovey dovey with his family. Doing a great job playing cheerleader. Do you use a crystal ball? BTW, when she's not in the suite, there are other hot girls there but only when his parents aren't there. Very strange.

Dear Coming Back For More:
Which part of that is strange to you, M.?

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