On a competition reality show, sending people home is unavoidable. Someone always has to be the first one eliminated. And last night on Dancing With the Stars, it was basketball star Ron Artest Metta World Peace and partner Peta Murgatroyd.

Turns out, his short time on DWTS was not all for naught. Find out what World Peace now thinks about dancing, and get farewell wishes from the remaining castmembers. Plus, which star was certain they were going home last night?

"I like the sport. I really do like it," Metta told us after the show. "It's definitely a sport. Like when you see it, you think, Oh, they're just dancing. But watching Peta, everything in practice, watching the dances, it's a sport. It's fun."

Unfortunately, Metta won't be able to enjoy his newfound love of the sport, but he promises he had an "amazing" experience, and that he'll miss his partner, who returned the sentiment. "[I'll miss] his personality," she says. "He makes me laugh all day long. He's just incredible."

Speaking of his personality, Lacey Schwimmer revealed to us something else she'd miss about Metta: an eenie-weenie skimpy bikini. "You never know what he's gonna say, [or] what he's gonna wear into the dance studios," she tells us. "He came into the studio the other day with yellow banana-hammock shorts on." There's an image for all you DWTS fans.

Hope Solo, the beautiful cat-like goalie for the U.S. Women's National Soccer team, is bummed she's the only athlete left of the bunch. "I wanted both of us to go far in the show and kind of represent the sports world, but unfortunately that didn't happen that way, so I better stand strong until the end," she tells us.

Hope might want to stay around awhile, but she'll have to go through other stars who are feeling very confident about their future on the show.  "I wasn't too nervous [last night]," Rob Kardashian says. "It's about the fans, and it's all drama and entertainment. I feel good. I just want to go out there next week and show everybody something very different."

You know who wasn't feeling too good last night? Carson Kressley, who took the encore dance as the hint that they were eliminated. "I thought they gave us the encore dance so it'll lessen the blow when we have to go home, and they get it out of the way and we double our fun for the week that I've been here and it's like 'Bye, See ya!'" he tells us. "But I got so much great response from Facebook, Twitter and fans and people who voted, and I just really believe that our fans are behind us. So I was like, 'We can't be going home can we?'"

Nope, you can't Carson. And you didn't.

Do you think the right pair went home? Who do you think is next to be eliminated?

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