Kristin Chenoweth singing about crystal meth, dirty sex and uncontrollable bowel movements?

It's not exactly what one expects from the perky Tony-winning actress and singer, but that's what she's doing in a new Funny or Die musical spoof of the very serious A&E series Intervention.

I just got off the phone with Ms. Chenoweth, so read on to get all the high-larious details about her latest musical endeavor.

When the Funny or Die people first approached the Emmy-nominated Pushing Daisies star about working with them, she suggested she play a toothy fairy or princess-like character having some sort of meltdown.

However, they wanted her singing Broadway-style while heading up an intervention of a gay man with a crystal meth addiction. "Honestly, I love Intervention," Chenoweth said. "I watch it all the time. I love seeing the updates and how people are doing."

But then she read the lyrics for the Funny or Die ditty.

"I was a little nervous at first, to be honest with you," Chenoweth admitted. "With the subject matter and singing, 'You make cash giving head, and you use it to buy Sudafed,' did I really want my young fans hearing me say that?"

The nervousness didn't last too long. The five-hour shoot took place in a Hilton hotel room. "The air conditioning broke in that room, and we were dying from the heat," Chenoweth remembered with a laugh. "I was like, 'It's come to this, kids. Welcome to the glamorous life of Kristin Chenoweth.' "

Despite the hijinks, Chenoweth thinks there's a serious side to the video. "I do find the video so funny. I'm sorry, but I do have that sense of humor," she explained. "But I also think it's a really great message."

She's not sure if she'll be including the tune on an upcoming album, but "you never know," she said. "I may have to include it as a bonus track."

When I suggested she save it for a comedy album, she laughed, "You think? A comedy album? Actually, that's a good idea."

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