Piers Morgan, Joy Behar

CNN; Bob D'Amico/ABC

Joy Behar is a tough stand-up comic from Brooklyn whose father was a truck driver. That might be why, arguably, nobody gives it back better than Joy, certainly when it comes to her fellow View cohosts.

I've done The View three times, Behar was there every time, and she was relentlessly making fun of Paris Hilton back when everybody was so busy kissing her ass. Where's Paris Hilton now?

Apparently, the same place Joy's HLN talk show, The Joy Behar Show, may be headed. If you listen to gossiping TV execs, that is. Tell me this isn't so!

"The ratings just aren't cutting it," says an industry network source, who claims to have knowledge that Joy's HLN future is not exactly rosy.

Jeez. Are the ratings that bad?

Apparently. According to the weekly ratings within the network, Joy is trailing behind Piers Morgan, Anderson Cooper and Dancing With the Stars's newest shaker Nancy Grace on a consistent basis and by a substantial amount on some nights.

This comes as quite the shock, considering one potential competitor is Piers Morgan, who we think should probably stick to his day job on America's Got Talent.

Can anybody say Christine O'Donnell?

Remember her now famous walk-off from the show when Morgan ineffectively grilled the politico on gays getting married and then asked why she was "being weird" when she wouldn't directly address the topic?

It's ironic that Joy, who used to sub for Larry King (himself eventually replaced by Morgan), would have known exactly what to do with O'Donnell. Joy's a big proponent of gay marriage, remember.

We can just see her slamming Christine with something akin to: Many of my friends are gay, Christine. They'd like to get married. You say they shouldn't. What do you have to say to that?

We doubt she'd just say, You're being weird, Christine.

It's why we were pleased to hear from Joy's rep that she "is doing some of the best interviews on television, and her lineup of guests continues to be among television's strongest. HLN is very happy with her show and its continued growth. In addition, Joy is up 43 percent in total viewers...versus the same time period last year."

Ratings jargon aside, we hope you're right. And we hope this rumor stays a rumor.

We love Joy.

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