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Chuck (Ed Westwick) kissed a boy before...and he didn't mind it. (Good times, season three! Good times!)

With Blair (Leighton Meester) off planning her wedding to Prince Louis (Hugo Becker), could Gossip Girl's resident bad boy become a little curious this season? Or maybe Serena (Blake Lively) has decided to experiment while living it up in Los Angeles?

We've exclusively learned that one of Gossip Girl's main characters (they're in the picture above!) is going gay in season five and trust us, it's good.

So who is it and how does it happen?

OK, so maybe the headline is kind of misleading, but still, one of our favorite Upper East Siders will be fictionally switching teams.

Yes, that's right. It seems like Dan (Penn Badgley) took some major creative liberties with his subjects in "Inside," his book about the UES—which Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) published without his knowledge—and made someone gay!  We're going to assume fans of the original book series by Cecily von Ziegesar are thrilled by Dan's decision, as Lonely Boy was sexually confused for a few pages and Chuck was in fact gay. GG is going meta and we love it!

Could it be his ex-girlfriend/stepsister Serena? Or maybe his BFF (Bromantic Friend Forever!) Nate (Chace Crawford)? And we wouldn't put it past Dan to change Chuck's (or is his name Charlie Trout in the novel?) sexual orientation, so he could end up with a certain brunette all to himself. Then again, Dan easily could have made his own character gay... or even Blair's!

So who is it? We're not telling... yet. But we want to hear from you. Whose sexual orientation do you think Dan changes in the name of art? Vote in our poll and then head on over to the comments to get your speculation on. You know you want to. XOXO, the TV Gossip Girls.

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Who Do You Think Is Fictionally Going Gay in Season Five?
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