Turns Out All Ryan Gosling Wants to Do Is Make Babies

The Drive actor shares insights into his past relationships with Sandra Bullock and Rachel McAdams

By Ted Casablanca Sep 20, 2011 3:30 PMTags
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Did you know Ryan Gosling would prefer to be "making babies" instead of films? Yep.

Such honest revelations are just one reason why we totally heart this dude (his biceps being another, of course). And the idea of him getting his DILF on just makes us want this gorgeous guy to settle down even more.

Which is why it pains us to hear what he's got to say about his past GFs...

"I had two of the greatest girlfriends of all time. I haven't met anybody who could top them," Ryan gushed to the U.K.'s The Times about ex-girlfriends Sandra Bullock and Rachel McAdams.

Aw, c'mon Ryan! Don't get our Notebook-loving hearts all misty eyed about the fact that you and Rach wouldn't get a relaysh redux.

But it's not all babes he's talking about: He's also got babies on his mind.

"I'd like to be making babies but I'm not, so I'm making movies," Gos revealed. "When someone comes along, I don't think I'll be able to do both and I'm fine with that. I'll make movies until I make babies."

Dammit, now we're just thinking about the adorable babies Ryan and Rachel would have made. Well, until that right lady comes along (whoever that luck be-yotch is) we're content to watch Ryan's muy attractive mug emote on the big screen.

See, Ryan is leaving his chatty side out of his most recent flick.

We had no problem ogling Ryan's mantastic mug for two hours this weekend while watching his latest flick, Drive, but some peeps may have left the theater wondering why Ry barely said, well, anything.

Well, turns out he didn't want to. Ryan's performance as the mysterious "Driver" in the flick is all about subtlety and saying more with his face than with his words, but it seems it wasn't always going to be that way.

"Ryan told producers that he didn't want to do the lines," sources thisclose to the movie tell us. "He said he would just convey it all in his face."

Hence, the flick is full of three-minute long shots of Ryan staring emotionally. And it works! That's acting, babes!

Need more evidence that it's paying off? Even though over 50 percent of you told us last week that your box office bad-boy of choice was going to be Alexander Skarsgård, Drive did double the big screen biz Straw Dogs did.

Take that, Skarsy.