Carrie Ann Inaba, Jesse Sloan

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Carrie Ann Inaba has more on her mind than just judging Dancing With the Stars.

She and her fiancé, accountant Jesse Sloan, have some wedding planning to do...

"We're just in the beginning stages but we're thinking intimate at the beach or maybe in our backyard," Inaba told me at the Emmys. "We just want to keep it simple and loving and funny."

Sloan popped the question in April while Inaba was making an appearance on Live! with Regis and Kelly. She already has the dress picked out—sorta. "I did buy one dress when I first got engaged," she said. "I went on Bluefly and I bought a dress because it was just so beautiful. But I think everyone else is now going to help me choose another dress."

Back in Dancing land, Inaba is hoping Cher will finally come to the show now that her son Chaz Bono is competing. "I've been wanting Cher since season one," she said. "I kept saying, 'Why is Cher not here? It's the perfect venue for her.' Maybe one day, if we're lucky, we'll also get her to perform."

In other DWTS news, guess who's looking to take his shirt off?

David Arquette!

"He's got a six-pack working underneath all of his clothes so he's wanting to show it," his partner Kym Johnson told us at BAFTA's Emmy Tea Party. "He told me that himself."

If you've got it, David, we say flaunt it.

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