Kimberly Stewart and Benicio Del Toro's Baby Name: The Final Verdict

New mom officially registers birth certificate for Delilah Stewart Del Toro

By Marianne Garvey Sep 19, 2011 9:50 PMTags
Kimberly Stewart, Benicio del ToroMALFER/AGENCY PEOPLE IMAGE/SIPA; Jason Merritt/Getty Images

When Kimberly Stewart's baby daddy was revealed to be none other than Benicio Del Toro, there was a collective gasp.

A baby together? It was a shock to discover the duo even knew each other.

Well, the little girl who resulted from that quickie hookup (the two have since split) was born late last month.

We knew her first name was Delilah and know we just learned her complete moniker...

Kimberly has named her daughter Delilah Genoveva Stewart Del Toro, per the official birth certificate obtained by E! News.

Kimberly had her baby on her own 32nd birthday, with dad Rod Stewart, his current wife, Penny Lancaster-Stewart, and Kimberly's mother, Alana Stewart,all present in Los Angeles for the delivery.

While Del Toro was MIA for his daughter's arrival, his rep told E! News that the Oscar winner was "very supportive" of Kim's pregnancy.

Presumably some of that suppotiveness will be in the form of monthly checks.