When the BF's away, Kristen Stewart will play.

And by play, we mean take in a fashion show, of course, which is exactly what K.Stew did Saturday night when she joined supermodel Kate Moss in the front row of the Mulberry fashion show.

So what inspired Kristen to get her fashionista on for the night?

Her suitcases, apparently.

"It's not something I typically do, but I thought it was a good one," Stew dished backstage about why she stepped out for the swanky event. "Most of my luggage is Mulberry. I'm a fan."

Actually, Kristen, we're sure those Twi-hards that track your international comings and goings via paparazzi pics at the airport do know.

And while we'd prefer some Robsten PDA-goodness any day, the solo girlie-girl routine makes us plenty happy too. We've said it all along: When K.Stew hits the carpet, she's a style force to be reckoned with.

So what is it about Mulberry that the Twilight starlet adores so much?

"It's sort of classic. It's very much my speed because it's rather timeless, isn't it?" Kristen joked about the swanky label. "It's simple too. I like things that are kind of simple."

That's probably why she ditched the dress when she headed to the after-party and instead opted for a T-shirt and jeans.

Hey, Kristen, in case you didn't know, Robby is way interested in starting a fashion line. Maybe you two can tag team the project?

We'd love nothing more than seeing your trademark hoodies hit the catwalk at Fashion Week 2012.

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