Game of Thrones season two is coming…eventually. Lucky for you, we've got some scoop to keep you warm during the long and bitter winter.

We caught up with executive producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss and author George R.R. Martin on the red carpet at the HBO Emmys party and asked begged for any season-two scoop we could get our greedy little mitts on. Not for us, but for America. OK, we lied. It was totally for us.  

So what did they say fans can expect from the HBO hit series when it returns next spring? Plus, we got new Emmy-winner Peter Dinklage fresh off his big win, and his reaction to his name being called is priceless...

Filming on season two is "going well," Benioff told us. "It's tough. We're shooting in three different countries. We have a lot more dragons, a lot more people getting killed. [It's] a lot sexier, so it's going well so far."

He does admit that there are "so many things" that make him nervous: "The direwolves are tough and all the stuff we're shooting north of the Wall is going to be tough with five hours of daylight because we're near the Arctic Circle. Shooting a full day of Game of Thrones in five hours will be challenging. "

Martin, who wrote episode nine ("Blackwater"), says, "We're looking under all our couches for spare nickels in order to actually afford the big battle that I wrote!" (Be right back—we're currently checking under our seat for any spare change.)

He also told us that Neil Marshall, the director of films such The Descent and Centurion, will be directing his episode. "We're very lucky," he says.

Weiss, Benioff and Martin all agreed that Peter Dinklage winning Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series was the highlight of the night, with Weiss telling us, "I was just so happy to see Peter get up there."

So what was Dinklage's reaction when his name was called? "I can't swear on your E!, can I?" he politely asked, before we gave him the go-ahead. (Come on, it's Tyrion Lannister! Show some respect.) "F--k!" Well said, Mr. Dinklage. Well said.

"It was fun. I was nominated with great actors and that's a privilege right there," he added. "A couple of them I know really well and that's always fun. We've been having a sense of humor about it all. That's always important. I am a lucky actor. It's a joy to go to work every day and get the new scripts."

Though he wouldn't tell us much about the upcoming season, he teases, "more surprised that are faithful to the books and a few new characters are introduced that are incredible. We lose some and we gain some."

Speaking of gaining some new characters, we asked Weiss how the show's many newbies (including Stephen Dillane as Stannis Baratheon, Carice van Houten as Lady Melisandre and Liam Cunningham as Davos Seaworth) are doing. "I'd say luckily, without exception, every single new castmember that we've got is doing such an amazing job so far and exceeding our expectations that it's really been such a joy."

Before you think it's a total lovefest over at GoT, he quickly follows that last bit with this: "We unfortunately killed off a lot of people we love very much and now we've got some new loved ones coming back in to be eventually killed off."

Martin adds, "It's going to be great to see these new characters." Right. Before they die. You kill us, GoT. But don't go changing.

Press play on the video above for more season-two scoop ("love and romance!") and to hear what Peter had to say about that 10-minute video of Tyrion slapping Joffrey (Jack Gleeson), then head on over to the comments to tell us what you're most looking forward to seeing next year on Game of Thrones!

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