This year's Emmy host Jane Lynch told jokes, danced, and sang with the best and brightest TV stars. But some viewers didn't believe one aspect of her performance. Yep, some people were convinced that it wasn't Lynch's voice doing the singing during the broadcast.

So we made sure to let her clear up that little rumor when we ran into her at the Fox post-Emmy celebration. She cleared things up, and gave us a rundown of how she thought her hosting gig went Sunday night…

"It was all me! I don't think it was Autotuned," she assured us with a laugh. Now that we settled that rumor, let's get on Lynch charming the pants off us.

"The first hour [of hosting] was kind of like a freight train. I didn't realize what had happened," she tells us. " I was very pleased with it. I was very pleased with the whole thing. I don't know that I'll go back and watch the live part. I probably will."

Except there's one problem with going back to watch herself host the Emmys. "We forgot to TiVo it," her wife Laura Embry reveals. And even though some people were not enthused by her lesbian/Entourage joke, Embry loved it. " My favorite, favorite part was her joke about why I'm a lesbian to the cast of Entourage," she tells us. "And I loved it when all the female comedians who were nominated for Best Actress were up there on the stage. It made me very proud to be a woman."

And while you might want to believe that the Best Actress presentation was a totally on the spot improv move, Lynch is here to burst bubbles. "They planned that. It was so wonderful," she says. "They were so game and to see Laura Linney and Edie Falco run up there with them too, it was great."

Yet another reason to love all those ladies in that category.

What did you guys think of Jane's hosting duties? Do you give her a thumbs up or thumbs down? Vote in the poll below and give your review of the Emmy's in the comments!

How Did Jane Lynch Do?
How would you rate Jane's Emmy-hosting performance?
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