As the saying goes, time flies when you're having fun…particularly when you're in a six-month BFF relationship.

Such was the sentiment when Jimmy Fallon announced the hilarious sad, sad news on his show last night that his bestie stint with Stephen Colbert, which kicked off in March, had met its expiration date. 

"Sorry guys, I'm a little bummed tonight," Fallon told the audience. "Six months ago, I made a best friend and I wanted to be best friends forever. But he said, 'That's too much of a commitment. Can we do six months?' I said 'Deal, let's do this.'

"Well, time flies when you're friends with Stephen Colbert, and last night I went to his show, The Colbert Report, to see him, and it didn't end well."

And that's where the temporary besties discovered a shocking revelation…

"Wait a minute, we became friends on March 3rd, so that means it ends on…Sept. 3?!" Fallon said. "Oh my God, we're no longer best friends!"

"It's over Jimmy," Colbert retorted.

So what did the show-hosting duo do to mourn the loss of their self-imposed breakup (aside from returning their friendship amulets in sadness)?

They hugged sang out their despair.

In a hilarious rendition of "Somewhere Out There," Fallon kicked off the song as Colbert joined him, cascading down a staircase to signify the end of a half-year era.

But, while this best friendship is totally over for now, could Anderson Cooper be the next in line to be Fallon or Colbert's new best friend? 

The newly cemented daytime talk show host was on hand in the audiences of both hosts' respective shows ready to pick up the pieces, asking "Do you need a best friend?"

But don't expect Fallon or Colbert to let Cooper try to replace what they had just yet. 

"It's too soon, Anderson," both quipped. 

We can only hope these two decide to give it another six months.

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