Sarah Palin

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Cleary a couple of people haven't gotten the memo that you shouldn't mess with a mama grizzly.

And with the upcoming Sept. 20 release of both Levi Johnston's tell-all Deer in Headlights and Joe McGinniss' very unauthorized Sarah Palin bio The Rogue, the former Alaska governor is in for a rough week. 

But which book packs the bigger Palin punch in terms of juicy deets?

Let's tally up the revelations, shall we?

Author McGinniss (who actually moved next door to his subject in Alaska, nice touch!), claims Palin had a lusty one-night-stand with NBA star Glen Rice when she was a TV sports reporter way back in 1987—before she married Todd Palin.

But the horny allegations don't stop there: the 318-page trash talker also slams Palin for a supposed 6-month affair with hubby Todd's business partner Brad Hanson in the wild '90s.

Palin has adamantly denied the above affair.

Still, who knew she was apparently such a horn dog?

As if McGinniss' other claims didn't do enough damage to Palin's pious and preachy rep, add drug user to the list. The Rogue claims Palin snorted cocaine off a 55-gallon oil drum while snowmobiling with pals pre-political days. Like she was Lindsay Lohan or something!

Her hubby denied this one for her.

Even tho the New York Times criticized McGinniss for his many unnamed sources and dubbing it "petty," the author hopes his airing of S.P.'s supposed dirty laundry will finally put the last nail in the coffin on Palin for President, calling her campaign "the cheap thrill of watching a clown in high heels on a flying trapeze."

Yikes. And McGinniss' distaste for Palin can only be matched by her daughter's baby daddy.

Levi (and his fam) has never kept his mouth shut when it comes to Alaska's most famous family. But now he's putting it down in print (and we're not talking about the tabloid type).

In his forthcoming tell-all, the Playgirl model (among bitchy boastings of bath time in Palin's bathroom) claims Sarah's daughter Bristol Palin told him, "let's get pregnant," in a spiteful attempt to steal the spotlight back from her mother, who at the time had a bun in the oven of her own.

Johnston also says that grandma Sarah wanted to adopt his and Bristol's baby to protect her image and avoid a scandal.

Well, so much for that, huh? 

Many are calling Johnston's tell-all a vengeful response to Sarah Palin's America by Heart and Bristol's Not Afraid of Life: My Journey so Far—both tomes blasted the nudie model. However, we gotta wonder, in the epic he-said/she-said battle of Levi Johnston vs. the Palins, will Levi's mudslinging give him the last laugh?

Doesn't really matter.

Accusations of coke-snorting and husband-swapping so win out over naughty bath time! What do you think?

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