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We're way embarrassed, but we must admit: We're intrigued by the family Lohan of late.

We know they love the attention and blah-blah-blah. But here's what's muy interesting to us: following rumors of plastic surgery, wannabe model Ali Lohan all but disappeared during the peak of wannabe model sighting season, New York Fashion Week.

So where did Lindsay's little sis slip away to? And how did LiLo pass the time?

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Who knows because she was noticeably absent from the post-runway dysfunctional family photos.

Proud momzilla Dina and Linds spent the week making the party rounds, stirring up trouble in NYC sans Ali. Shouldn't the junior Lohan using her family connection to rub elbows with designers naive enough to get into biz with the clan?

Ali did finally show up for Dina's 49th birthday bash, but it was way too little, too late.

It's no secret Dina is a business woman first and a mother a distant second (at least in our bitchy opinions), so consider us shocked that Di didn't spend the week pimping out her fashion-forward third child. Maybe it was because she had her hands full with the real bread winner?

Lindsay's hard-partying habits made a (not-so-shocking) return!

LiLo made waves when she supposedly caused quite the (bloody) scene at a shindig at the Standard, throwing a glass of booze at a photog and flipping the bird to other partygoers. Of course, Lind's reps quickly tried to cover her tracks with more hilarious BS excuses for the broad, but we're not buying it.

Is Lindsay Lohan off her rocker again? Or is she just trying to nab back some headlines from her limelight-stealing sister?

Maybe both. Well, probably both. But stay tuned because this drama is definitely heating up. Hey E!, maybe it's time to renew Living Lohan?

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