We all want world peace...just maybe not mixed in with our prime-time guilty pleasures.

After resolving the unpaid traffic tickets that were holding up the process, quirky L.A. Lakers baller Ron Artest has officially changed his name to Metta World Peace, just in time for Monday's premiere of Dancing With the Stars.

ABC, not to mention Alan Dedicoat (the owner of that disembodied British voice who announces all the pairings and dahnces) must be loving that!

So how is the show going to jive with Artest, er, Mr. World Peace's change?

"They will ease into it, and not just blast off into his new name during the course of the show on Monday," the athlete's personal rep tells E! News.

Considering fans will be tuning in to see a guy named "Ron Artest," that's probably a good move. Then again, this is also the talented player who thanked his psychiatrist after being named MVP of game seven of the NBA Finals in 2010, so...Laker loyalists probably know what they're signing up for.

Meanwhile, Metta's overlords over at the National Basketball Association don't have to worry just yet about what it's going to say on his jersey along with the No. 37.

Neither the league nor the Lakers will be addressing the issue until the ongoing lockout is resolved, according to Tim Frank, the NBA's senior VP of communications.

In the meantime, however, World Peace is super psyched!

"Changing my name was meant to inspire and bring youth together all around the world," he said in a statement. "After this short delay, my tickets have been paid and I'm glad that it is now official."

According to rep Courtney Barnes, Metta, in the Buddhist tradition, means loving kindness and friendliness toward others.

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