L.A. Ink's big finale was tonight. Aside from watching Kat Von D juggle her time between Austin and Los Angeles, getting a third book deal and hearing her brother's plan to move to Tennessee, nothing noteworthy happened.

So, we bring you this: Footage of the well-known tatt artist getting ready to ink a not-so-well-known Lady Gaga back in 2008.

You can tell right away that Mama Monster wasn't the ultimate superstar she is today from one main observation: The lady who said she never wears pants, was wearing pants.

Anyway, the whole thing is pretty darn cute (and, well, sexy).

A foxy Gaga arrives in some metallic blue spandex (which Kat loves) and crouches over for Kat to start inking her up with roses on her lower back as they start up a friendly conversation...

"You're from New York, right?" Von D. asks.

L.G. responds, "Yeah, I was born and raised in Manhattan, and I just moved out here. I'm a singer, but I'm also a songwriter for other artists, so I've just been workin' and doing shows..."

Which leads Kat to wondering, "Are you working on anything cool and interesting right now?"

"I worked with New Kids on the Block last night..."

Oh snap! Look at our little 22-year-old Gaga makin' a name for herself. Little did we all know it was just the beginning.

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