Tony Parker

AP Photo/Nick Wass

According to an article in Star magazine, Eva Longoria's estranged husband, Tony Parker, is not handling their breakup very well. He isn't down about it; he's just being an a-hole it seems. A source tells the mag that Tony is telling anyone who will listen he "fell out of love with Eva" long before their marriage ended. Keep in mind, this is apparently a source to Victoria Gotti, who now has a "secret revealing" column in Star. It's called Victoria Gotti's Secrets. Clearly, Victoria's Gotti Secrets would be a much better title, but unfortunately Chuy and I don't work for Star. Gotti also reveals that now that Tony is on the rebound, an apparently he's comparing and contrasting Eva to the women he's dating. According to the source he's said things like, "Thank God you're nothing like her" or "You remind me too much of my ex" to let the lucky girls know where they stand. It's never a good sign when on the first date your hot new prospect brings up his ex, let alone compares you to her. As a general rule I only compare men to my exes when it's appropriate: when they are disappointing me in bed or when I see the balance in their bank account.

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