Joe Manganiello, Audra Marie

Dave Allocca/

Our first reaction when we saw the US Weekly report that True Blood's ab-tastic Joe Manganiello had split up with fiancée Audra Marie was "hallelujah!" But consider us torn: We want Joe all to ourselves, though we did think he was way cutesy with his girl.

But before we get too misty eyed, are the split rumors legit?

Not so fast.

There's at least one glaring hole in the Us Weekly story, and it has to do with a bit of bubbly.

The report claims that the newly single Joe was sipping champagne with Rose McGowan at a recent Fashion Week bash. Only problem? Joe doesn't drink!

"He does not drink and hasn't for many years," a pal close to the Magic Mike man candy tell us. "So there's one problem right there."

That's not to say they're definitely still on. Something's stinky with this seemingly parfait pair.

"He's been acting single throughout the past few months at events," a very knowledgeable source spills about Joe hitting the town solo.

And as for the wedding? A source close to Manganiello tells E! News the wedding was supposed to be this summer, but then it got pushed back.

Hold up, we're totally getting mixed signals here.

When we turned to Joe's rep, we were promptly told: "We do not comment on our clients' personal lives."

Uh, that was so not the case when the twosome decided they wanted to tie the knot and you were more than happy to blab. Or when pestered about (at the time, false) breakup rumors.

What's so special about this par-tick circumstance?

We hate to admit, but this does not bode well for the buff boy. Guess only time will tell...

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