Redmond O'Neal

AP Photo/Nick Ut

Redmond O'Neal might be wearing pinstripes again.

The troubled son of Ryan O'Neal and the late Farrah Fawcett told a Los Angeles Judge today that he had done narcotics while in rehab, a startling admission that may land him hard time in a California state prison...

Redmond's attorneys, Richard Pintal and Michael Brewer, confirmed that it's now up to Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz to determine what punishment O'Neal will face—whether he will be sent to the Big House or given one more chance in a court-mandated drug treatment program.

"The judge indicated he does not know what sentence he will hand down on Oct. 7, Redmond's next court date," the lawyers told E! News in a joint statement. "The judge has power to sentence him to state prison. But the judge did ask for more information on current security at the facility and about Mr. O'Neal's treatment. He may allow Mr. O'Neal an additional opportunity at treatment. We have hope."

O'Neal, who's set to appear in court again tomorrow for a probation violation hearing, had originally been sentenced to five years' probation and time in a live-in residential rehab center on Aug. 24—that after pleading no contest to one count each of possession of a controlled substance and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Those charges stemmed from a highly publicized Aug. 2 arrest when police pulled the 26-year-old over in Santa Monica for a red-light violation and found pot and heroin.

Since he was already on probation for a prior drug offense, officers conducted a subsequent search of his apartment which turned up the gun.

If the judge decides to throw the book at him, Redmond's latest screw-up could net him anywhere between three and nine years in the slammer.

Here's hoping he gets his act together—and quick.

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