Ryan Gosling, Alexander Skarsgard, Drive, Straw Dogs

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Hope you're ready to undress some hotties with your eyes this weekend!

Both Ryan Gosling and Alexander Skarsgård—two of our favorite, deliciously sexy dudes—are hitting the big screen on Friday. What more could we ask for, right?

And while both guys are playing devilish bad boys, we know their subtle grins, tight asses and heart-stopping stares are sure to get us all riled up.

Problem is, even we can't decide who we would rather do...

So we turn to you, trusted Awful readers, to find the better bang for our box-office bucks. 

Is it A.Skars? It's no secret we've been dying to sink our teeth into him for months now, and between his pecs, hunky accent and his sexy, unkempt blonde hair, the True Blood star is looking as good as ever. 

So just how bad does he get? Really bad. Like, really, really bad. In Straw Dogs, Skars plays Charlie, a local boy who runs with a really rough crew and who gets himself into plenty of bloody situations, including an infamous rape scene (which FYI, we of course do not find sexy in the least).

But Alex also told Men's Journal recently that he thinks he brings a bit of sympathy to his character. Guess we'll be the judges of that.

Or is Gosling? We've been on a total kick for Ry lately (which hasn't been a secret) and love his bad-boy charm on and off the screen. Plus, his bulging biceps and six pack abs don't hurt. Not in the slightest.

So how bad does he get? Well, we already know Ry and costar Carey Mulligan have quite some steamy scenes—and we've only seen one friggin' kiss. But what you may not know is that he's also crazy violent, in a stomp-a-dude's-head-in kind of way. Gross, huh?

Do his killer dimples compensate for his killer tendencies?

So here's where you weigh in: Which bad boy will it be, lusty A.T. readers?

Awful's Box-Office Bad Boys Poll!
Who's flick are you more excited to see this weekend?
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