Jennifer Lawrence

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Dear Ted:
 I'm tired of people saying that Jennifer Lawrence isn't skinny enough to play Katniss in The Hunger Games. I would rather have a good actress playing the role than some mediocre actress who fits the physical attributes but does no justice to the book and movie. I would prefer a well-acted movie with a good screenplay over anything else.
—Blue Sunshine

Dear Weight Watcher:
Hear, hear! Duh, we all know that Katniss is supposed to be borderline anorexic (at least that's what the books say), but give it up already. Jenny is a gorgeous gal with a killer body. Just because she isn't stick thin like some of her T-town cohorts doesn't mean she won't make a killer Katniss.

Dear Ted:
 I know Lindsay Lohan is immune to any sound advice or constructive criticism, but can she possibly believe she is attractive as a bleached blonde? I would call her shade and style "Granny White" (from Beverly Hillbillies). Perhaps, she should check out an Emma Stone movie and remember how cute blue eyes, freckles and red hair go together.

Dear Romancing the Stone:
Perhaps you're right, doll. Emma is basically what Linds could have been had she not gone off her rockers. But I think L.L. has bigger things to worry about than what color her ‘do is this week. Haven't you caught wind of the ruckus she's causing at Fashion Week? And who's by her side, of course: her mom.

Dear Ted:
Here's a thought: Don't take photos of anything you would be embarrassed if it were made public. In this online era, only a total idiot (especially an attractive celeb) would be so naive to think that this could not happen to them. I mean what if Scarlett Johansson lost her phone? Pathetic. And if it was any average gal on Facebook all her friends would say she was desperate and should have known better.

Dear Get Off Your High Horse:
Oh c'mon, K. She was hacked. Yeah, it's probably a bit dramatic to get the FBI involved, but who's to judge the gal on what she does in her spare time? What we can agree on is that the pictures aren't sexy. Like, at all. Too bad too.

Dear Ted:
Is there anything salacious going on in the lives of Chris Colfer or Darren Criss? I love those boys!

Dear Boys Will Be Boys:
Not together, if that's what you're getting at, Anna. They leave all their smooching on the small screen. But actually both these dudes lie pretty low in their off time. There are far more interesting Glee stars to wonder about. I'm sure you know who. 

Dear Ted:
What are your rules for revealing a Blind Vice? Does the person have to admit it so there are no legal ramifications for you? Or what if it's not that Vicey to begin with and most people say, "so what?"

Dear Spill the Beans:
Well it definitely helps if the star admits it. Or gets caught doing whatever nasty habit I knew they were doing. Then I don't have to worry about, ya know, getting my pants sued off.

Dear Ted:
Do you (or your interns) ever make fun of us, behind our backs—but really in front of our faces—by posting crap in the comments section yourselves just to get folks all riled up? Thinking about the Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Twilight haters as well as the new-to-the-board Jennifer Lawrence freak. I just can't imagine sane people making these comments. I've really enjoyed your blog in the past, but these people are sucking the fun out of it. If you guys aren't behind it, aren't these people sucking the fun out of it for you, too?

Dear Twisted Sister:
Uh, they're real comments all right, babe. The sanity part? Well that's up for debate. But it's got nothing to do with Team Truth. We'd love it if the spammer would just get a life so we don't have to keep getting bitched at about it.

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