Tom Sturridge, Sienna Miller


Awww, how cutesy.

Robert Pattinson's buddy Tom Sturridge must be taking notes from his famous friend in the PDA department, because he found it necessary to take a break from his London stroll today with love interest Sienna Millerso he could plant a big, fat one on those luscious lips of hers.

And apparently, in an effort to not lose his balance, he needed to make sure his stance was in a sturdy position by evening out his body weight, which is the obvious reason as to why his hand is in his boxers.

At least, that's what we're hoping.

If it's not, then we don't wanna know (even if it's just an itch).

However, Miller doesn't look as prepared for the public display of affection, unless she was attempting to do the whole leg-pop scenario, and that hand of hers down south was really on its way around Sturridge's waist (again, we don't wanna know).

Plus, she has to know that having her eyes open while in the act is poor kissing etiquette.

It's OK, practice makes perfect.

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